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Honey Player – Play Music via AirPlay

Honey Player – Play Music via AirPlay

Oh, those good old Apple proprietary systems… AirPlay is a prime example of such a system, and those of you who have high-tech music stations may be well acquainted with it. Who needs a stereo system comprised of a CD player, radio, etc. when you can simply use streams?

The Honey Player lets you stream music via Apple’s AirPlay; this means that systems that are only compatible with Apple devices now also run on Android!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2.2 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: LG Optimus Speed / 2x
Android version: 2.3.4
Mods: Root

Test device: Mac with AirServer software instead of AirPort Express Server

Let me start by saying that I don’t have an AirPort Express, so what I did was run an AirPlay server that performs in the same way as AirPort Express.

First impressions: Honey Player looks a lot like the standard Android music player, albeit with a different design. The menu button harbours a ‘Volume’ function which lets the Honey Player search for available AirPlay loudspeakers within the network. Within seconds the smartphone’s internal loudspeaker and the AirPlay Server pop up on my Mac. One click and that’s all she wrote: we have a connection!

Let’s give playback a try... Music plays from my speakers within a mere second, and the quality is astoundingly good.
I want to scroll around within a song, so I tap on the title at the top of the display which opens up the ‘Current Playback’ window, which is very similar to the Android Player one. But instead of scrolling through the song the track starts playback from the beginning—strike one.

Playing other tracks doesn’t work very well either—playback for most OGG files does not seem to work, and some ACC files are played at a slower speed. That sounds terrible—strike two.
I also notice a funny cracking sound when switching from one song to the next.

The player also provides internet radio. There are lots and lots of musical genres to choose from, but unfortunately it isn’t possible to add you own favourite stations. That said, there are a lot of stations available and they are run very well.
I did notice a lot of trance stations within the metal category—curiouser and curiouser…

Bottom line:
I recommend Honey Player to those AirPlay users whose music collection consists solely of MP3 files. However, I’d wager a guess that this scenario is unlikely for most Apple users, seeing as Apple tends to favour AAC.

Should you require an app for AirPlay my suggestion would be to buy one from the App Center and check how it runs within the 24 hour time frame. If ever you’re not satisfied you can always return it (within 24 hours).

Screen & Controls

Controls for Honey Player are very intuitive and easy to use. The design is really nice, too.

Speed & Stability

Honey Player loads fast and doesn’t lag, but are some bumps when switching up between tracks. The app itself runs very smoothly.

Price/Performance Ratio

3,49 € is not exactly peanuts, and the Honey Player playback isn’t quite that smooth enough yet. There’s still room for improvement here!


Honey Player – Play Music via AirPlay Honey Player – Play Music via AirPlay

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