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Honor 4X Android update: latest news

The Honor 4X arrived in late 2014, and is in line to receive Android Marshmallow, despite only recently being upgraded to Android Lollipop. When should we expect the Honor 4X to get the Android 6.0 update? Find out all of the latest Honor 4X update news here.

androidpit huawei 4x
When will the Honor 4X get Marshmallow? / © ANDROIDPIT

The Huawei Honor 4X launched with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and took more than a year to receive Lollipop. The update wasn’t distributed over-the-air (OTA), instead it was made available via the HiHonor website and users were required to download and flash the software manually using a microSD card. If you haven't already done this, hit the link to go to Honor's official updates page now).

So what about Android Marshmallow? In November last year, Honor India tweeted to say that Marshmallow updates would begin rolling out in February 2016.

Updates like this often face delays, and we've heard nothing from Honor since, but we can see that the Honor 4X is on the list of devices that are scheduled for the update. It might not be the first device to get it, but the update is on its way. We’ll keep you posted on the Honor 4X Android update schedule as we learn more.  

Are you excited for the Marshmallow Honor 4X Marshmallow update? Have you installed Lollipop on it yet? Let us know in the comments.


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