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Honor is planning a smartphone with AI for 2018

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has just wrapped up his keynote on AI, the new Kirin 970 processor, and now there is news from Huawei's sister company Honor. George Zhao, the President of Honor, spoke openly with us about an upcoming Honor flagship smartphone featuring artificial intelligence.

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Actually, it is no surprise that Huawei's sister brand, Honor, has smartphones largely made up of Huawei components. It also makes sense, that Honor can save a lot of money in hardware and software development thanks to this. Of course, it results in better prices for the end consumer. 

This strategy isn't going to change in 2018, so Honor smartphones will return featuring Huawei's hardware and software. At a meeting with George Zhao at IFA 2017, the President of the Chinese company spoke very openly with us. I had a burning question: Will there be an Honor Magic for the international market this year? Or will it even have a successor? Why this smartphone fascinated me at the end of 2016, you can see in our article on this smartphone

The Honor Magic could be described partly as a smartphone with contextual intelligence, because it "recognized" its owner by the face and hand that were scanned during set up. It could provide information, with the help of the sensors installed in the smartphone, such as the next movie showtimes for the films you wrote about in a chat. It can also tell you what route to take, and when to leave. Everything you saw in the Honor Magic, you can see is pushing the limits of what's possible in a smartphone.

AndroidPIT Huawei Kirin 970 9449
The Kirin 970 won't just be powering the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro / © AndroidPIT

Honor V10 will come with a Kirin 970 and EMUI 6

Back to the conversation with George Zhao and his answers to my burning questions. Amazingly openly and directly, he told me that the successor of the Honor V9 will use the Kirin 970 and EMUI 6. Both will be, as we know, launching with the Huawei Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro, so it is only natural that Honor will also reveal a smartphone with this combination of SoC and EMUI.

AndroidPIT Honor PC 2
At a meeting with the president of Honor, we already heard talk of the next flagship smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

We also, excitingly, found out a bit about release timing from George Zhao. The Honor V10 is expected to be available in early 2018. But beware, because George is talking about the V10, and in the past, V smartphones from Honor were flagship smartphones available just in China. Although the Honor V9 for the Chinese market is hardly different from the International Honor 8 Pro, it took at least two months to sell the international version. So an international version of the Honor V10 could appear between March and April 2018, at least that's my best guess.


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  • KnIghT 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    Last I heard about honor, they were planning some innovative smartphones or something of the sort with a screen.
    Something about AI/VR/AR technology and making some super gadget out of it.. Thinking Honor will slowly climb onto the podium of smartphones and replace Iphone with their intuitive ideas and advancements in the technology.
    Seriously, why cant i remember what they were making...

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