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This is how Samsung plans to save the Galaxy Fold
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This is how Samsung plans to save the Galaxy Fold

Samsung had to delay the Galaxy Fold and has now identified the vulnerabilities. But is it really still possible to save the foldable smartphone? Two measures should help to bring the Galaxy Fold to the customers and make it a success.

Samsung's most important problem concerns the protective layer on the folding display, which must not be removed. Its edges are now hidden under the frame so that the protective film holds better and is not so easy to remove. A big warning is there to remind Galaxy Fold customers that this film must remain on the display in order not to damage it.

The second problem for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is dust and dirt penetrating through too large gaps in the hinge. According to a report, Samsung will now reduce these openings in order to reduce the risk to the sensitive folding smartphone. When the iFixit experts opened the device, these gaps were discovered, and iFixit subsequently deleted the corresponding report at the request of Samsung.

samsung galaxy fold ifixit 03
The iFixit screwdrivers have taken the Galaxy Fold apart. / © iFixit

When can you buy the Galaxy Fold?

Whether the measures are sufficient to remedy the weak points of the Galaxy Fold is, of course, a different matter. Reducing the gaps in the hinge through which foreign objects can enter the smartphone is a good idea, but they don't seem to be closed completely. It is quite possible that the problems will show up a little later and Samsung will be facing angry consumers again.

When the Samsung Galaxy Fold will actually be available is still not certain. Samsung canceled the sales launch in April and recently even cast doubt on whether the folding smartphone would even come out at all. Pre-orderers had to submit confirmation that they were actually still interested in the smartphone. Now the Samsung Galaxy Fold seems to be taking a step in the right direction.

What do you think is going to happen with Samsung's folding smartphone?

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