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How to stop Android adding your location to photos

How to stop Android adding your location to photos

We're all concerned about privacy these days, and it's sobering to remember that something as simple as taking a photo can reveal a lot about you. The photos you take with your Android phone may be geotagged, meaning that they have GPS co-ordinate embedded into them that give away the location you pressed the shutter.  If this concerns you, it is possible to turn off GPS location tagging in your photos.

teaser one m8 camera snapshot 16x9
Protect your privacy by disabling location tagging of your photos. © ANDROIDPIT

Snap a photo on your Moto X or Nexus 5, and you probably don’t think about much more than ensuring that the shot is perfectly framed. But when you upload an image to a website, the metadata encoded into it could easily reveal your location. If this is something you'd prefer to keep private, here's how to disable the feature.

disable location 1
Head to Settings in the Camera app to disable location tagging.  © ANDROIDPIT

Launch the Camera app and tap the menu button followed by Settings.

disable location 2
A quick toggle is all it takes to protect your privacy. © ANDROIDPIT

Move to the right hand tab by clicking the cog icon, and you should see the Location tag label. If it is set to On and you would like to disable it, tap the setting and then select Off.

If you ever change your mind about location tagging, you can easily re-enable it.

disable location 3
Location tagging can be useful, and you can easily re-enable it if needed. © ANDROIDPIT

Simply repeat the same steps, but select On rather than Off, and you'll see a warning that your location can be determined from image while the feature is enabled. Tap OK to acknowledge this.

If you lose track of whether location tagging is enabled or disabled, just look to the top of the screen in the camera app. When the feature is enabled, you'll see a crosshair icon in the upper row of buttons so you can see at a glance.

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  • You could go to Google Play and download Privacy Protector Which blocks location and wed sits. It take a few seconds to sit up.

  • Hi,
    In regard to your discussion, I would recommend an android phone application that is quite useful for the purpose. I use an app named “GPS Privacy” that automatically deletes the GPS location tags if the photo is taken in a privacy area – like around your home, school, work, etc. This way you don’t have to remember whether you have the GPS tags on or off. Simply define your privacy areas, and your pictures won’t have GPS coordinates when made in these zones

    Hope this would be helpful for you as well!

  • My1 Sep 16, 2014 Link to comment

    Lol you are talking about moto x/nx5 but your manual and the shots are from Samsung...

    • Hi Philipp, this tutorial is for any Android device and not specifically for the Moto X & Nexus 5.

      • My1 Sep 17, 2014 Link to comment

        not so really, the Nexus dont have a manu button. there you must access the extra settings over that ring menu as far as I can remember.

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