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How to disable BlinkFeed on the HTC One (M8)

How to disable BlinkFeed on the HTC One (M8)

Perhaps you're a fan of Google Now? Or perhaps you simply hate HTC's BlinkFeed occupying such prime real estate on your shiny new One (M8)? Fortunately, the new One doesn't suffer from the same issue as the previous One (M7) – you can quickly and easily remove BlinkFeed anytime you want to.

htc blinkfeed teaser
If you don't like BlinkFeed, you don't have to put up with it. / © HTC, AndroidPIT

Disabling BlinkFeed is super easy, but if you didn't know it was possible you might never bother to go looking for how to do it. There's two simple ways to do it: the first is a simple matter of pinching the home screen to bring up your home screen and widget view. From here you can press and hold the BlinkFeed tile at the top and drag it to the right, where Remove will appear. Done.

AndroidPIT HTC One M8 Blinkfeed Remove
Add a widget or remove BlinkFeed (or any otehr home screen). / © AndroidPIT

The other option is equally easy. Just long press anywhere in a blank spot on any home screen to bring up a home screen popup menu. You want to select ''Manage home screen pages'' at the bottom, swipe over to BlinkFeed and tap Remove at the bottom. That's it. Whoever thought ditching BlinkFeed would be so easy this time around!

AndroidPIT HTC One M8 Blinkfeed Manage
Home screen management on the HTC One (M8) allows you to remove BlinkFeed entirely. / © AndroidPIT

Are you a fan of BlinkFeed? What home screen setup do you prefer?

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  • Totally agree about the Facebook & G+ widgets sucking. My current set-up is BlinkFeed, then a Chronus flex widget showing time/date/weather & a 2 week summary of appointments & birthdays, then a full page calendar widget, then a fitbit & myfitnesspal widget and then a page with deezer/rdio/soundtracking and shazam widgets. When I do use a twitter widget I use Plume pro. Thanks Kris, I'm glad I'm feeling ok too, just hoping it lasts :) The only issue I have with it is that I can't have BlinkFeed and custom icons and I really don't like the stock icons.

  • Thanks :) I'm enjoying being able to semi keep up with the site posts while my migraine attacks appear to be on vacation. I've never used a full screen widget before (not sure if I've had the option to) it certainly has it's advantages (ie I have no need to have Facebook/Twitter/G+ etc widgets) but I can see why others may prefer to use their screen space in other ways. I'm not really a fan of Flipboard or StumbleUpon but did quite like Taptu for a while.

    • Yeah, when I look at other people's phones all I see is endless icons. I have a (fairly) clean home screen, then full screen Reddit widget (Bacon Reader), full screen Twitter widget (Falcon Pro), full screen calendar, a couple tech site widgets and a shared Feedly/Circa screen. The G+ widget sucks, as do most of the Facebook ones I've used. But I'm in those full apps often enough anyway! Glad to hear you're feeling ok!

  • I've had my One M8 for 8 days now and I actually love BlinkFeed, when I read about it in the run up to the 2013 One launch I didn't really like the idea of it but in practice I find it really useful & easy to use and configure.

    • I'm glad you like it! And welcome back!

      Have you been a fan of full screen widgets before? Personally, I love full screen widgets (and hate app icons), so I like the idea of news aggregators, RSS feeds and social stream apps, just not really the delivery of BlinkFeed, My Magazine and others. Even Flipboard isn't exactly what I'm after. I stil haven't found the perfect one so I live with several.

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