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How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons
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How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons

How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons has been haunting Google Play for a while now, and it’s enjoyed a lot of success internationally. Why have we not reviewed this popular application before today? Beats us. But better later than never, right? Read on for our take on this popular tool for hobby artists.


Reviewed version Latest version
3.2 5.0

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: No
Runs as of: 1.6

Let's not get into a big debate about whether there's a “correct” way to learn how to draw. The fact is that there are tools to help those curious to try their hand at sketching. How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons is one of these; it's the type of tool that helps you create drawings by guiding you through a series of steps.

Pick a motive – comic book character, animals, cars and other objects – and check to see how many steps are needed in order to make the drawing. Then you click away, and watch as the drawing is made before your eyes, following along. You can take as much time as you like and also rub out / erase lines if you find them to be not quite right. It's a fun process and the results are usually quite good.

The nice thing about this app is that it will help even those whose own mothers aren't deluded enough to claim that they are gifted at drawing. There are also different categories so that you can pick motives that are easier or more difficult to recreate.

Bottom line:

How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons is a fun app for all ages—provided a user is mildly curious about making drawings. There are simple images to recreate (a hit with the kids: Justin Bieber) but also more elaborate and complicated ones. There are 70 motives in all, enough to keep you occupied for a while. It's a great app for those who enjoy this type of thing and we recommend it.

Screen & Controls

How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons is composed of list views of symbols sorted alphabetically. The menu options and tabs are totally self explanatory.

Speed & Stability

How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons runs very smoothly and without crashing.

Price/Performance Ratio

How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons is free and can be found in Google Play. That's a pretty sweet deal considering that only a few years ago we would have had to shell out a pretty penny in order to buy devices that provided the very same function.


How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons How to Draw - Easy Art Lessons


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  • Sorin Dec 30, 2017 Link to comment

    You have to give money to block all the drawings.

  • when are we going to get to use the apps

  •   17
    Deactivated Account Aug 12, 2012 Link to comment

    Hi Vanessa,

    The developer of the app we reviewed above has nothing to do with this photo, it's just a joke that's been making the rounds on the internet these past weeks, and we thought it would be funny to copy and paste here. Sorry you didn't see that humour in it.

  • I'm viewing this test report on my daughter's phone. this material is inappropriate. "pardon the French, it wasn't us"? you can do better than that. maybe apple service providers accept this kind of "service". can I and my daughter expect more from Android developers. I'm sure this is a great app. unfortunately diminished by the gratuitous use of this kind of disgusting and unnecessary language. here's hoping Android developers maintain a modicum of respect for those of us who are using their products.