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How to fix more Android 4.3 problems on the Galaxy S3

Authored by: Loie Favre — Mar 27, 2014

Most Galaxy S3’s have received the Android 4.3 update for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean there is an end to the problems, much to the frustration of many S3 users. Verizon clients in particular seem to not be getting a break either, problems emerging from every nook and cranny of their Samsung device. We’ve had a ton of people complaining about Android 4.3 problems on the Galaxy S3 in our forum, and have already offered solutions to some of these problems in the past. If you still need help though, don’t despair, here are some more fixes to other issues. I certainly hope the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update won’t be littered with bugs, like with the Galaxy S4.

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Mobile data use is out of control

Chances are when this is happening is that you have some apps that are using excessive amounts of your data, so it comes down to a question of better managing these data-sucking apps. There are many useful apps in the Google Play Store that will monitor data consumption, like Android Assistant, SD Maid or other apps to boost your Android system performance. You can also look into the settings of your phone and then ‘Data usage’. Here, swipe down to see how much data each app is using. If you notice that one is using a lot of it, it may be wise to uninstall it.

AndroidPIT Stats and Usage
In Settings, under Data Usage, you will find a lot of info about which apps use the most data. © AndroidPIT

WiFi disconnects constantly

This is an issue that we’ve been seeing for quite some time now. Though it could just be a matter of proper setup. Head to your homescreen and tap on the menu button and then settings. From here, you want to select the ‘Connections’ tab and choose Wi-Fi. Again, tap on the menu key and then ‘Advanced’. Here you will find some other helpful options: you want to make sure that ‘Keep WiFi on during sleep’ has been switched to ‘Always’ and that the ‘Auto-connect’ option is unchecked.

AndroidPIT Advanced WiFi Settings
Head to the settings, then WiFi and hit the menu button. Choose Advanced. © AndroidPIT

We’ve also heard that turning off the power-saving mode will work, this function often leading to a WiFi disconnect. To do this, simply open the notifications bar by swiping down and deselect the power saving toggle. If you can’t find it in the Quick Settings, tap on the Settings icon (cogwheel), scroll down to ‘Power saving mode’ and then switch it to ‘off’.

If this isn’t working, another thing you could do is to reflash the last workable modem firmware for your specific country via Odin. Simply go to the SamMobile website to find the appropriate firmware. If you are more advanced and are able to flash firmware manually on a rooted S3, then check out the XDA developer’s forum thread for a plausible solution. Though I have not tried this fix, it seems to have worked for many users. Hopefully one of these options have helped.

Bluetooth disconnection problems

Again, this problem seems to be plaguing Galaxy S3 owners since the 4.3 update, a complaint that has been manifested in many of AndroidPIT forum threads. Apparently the Galaxy S3 is struggling to pair with Bluetooth 4.0 or Smart Ready (BLE) apps and accessories, despite Samsung marketing the phone as Smart Ready compatible. What many are stipulating, is that the when the Galaxy S3 was updated, many of the older cached data become incompatible with the higher version of Bluetooth. First try to remove the pairing, reboot your smartphone and then try to repair. It is also a good idea to clear the data by performing a factory reset for the Galaxy S3 (please backup not only app of your data, but also your game settings, photos, videos, messages, app data etc).

You can also try a soft reset to delete any temporary files that may be causing the issue:

  • Press and hold the Power key, tap Power off, and then tap OK to turn your Samsung Galaxy S III off.
  • Remove the battery. After 30 seconds, reinsert the battery.
  • Press and hold the Power key to turn your Samsung Galaxy S III back on.
  • Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.
Android bluetooth smart ready
© Bluetooth

Finally, something as simple as an app can get rid of your Bluetooth woes, such as A2DP Connect.

A2DP Connect Install on Google Play

Calls arrive but phone doesn’t ring

This can be really annoying and it has happened to me a lot. The phone will ring, you’ll see the animation come up on your display, but there is no sound or it is delayed and the person hangs up before the ringtone even commences. Annoying? Heck yes!

First off, you may have set a ringtone for a particular contact and when that person calls, the system cannot locate the audio files. Your settings may be messed up ever since the update, which is why a Galaxy S3 factory reset might do the trick to fixing the problem. Remember, as always, to ensure that all of your data is backed up. You can also set up a new ringtone for that person and see if that works.

phone call
 © Sergey Nivens / shutterstock

Unfortunately Gallery has stopped

This isn’t just a Galaxy S3 problem, I believe it also affects other Samsung smartphones from what we’ve been hearing in the forum. Some believe it to have to do with the Paper Artist app, and by disabling this app in the settings, your Gallery app problems will disappear.

I’ve also read that the Android OS often gets ‘impatient’ with apps that take longer to load, which is often the case with pictures. The system will automatically close the app in question so that it doesn’t interfere negatively with the running of other apps and services. Just like with computers and smartphones, if your internal storage is quite full, this will cause some things to malfunction.

AndroidPIT KitKat Gallery Photos
There are many possible solutions for this problem, but one should work! © AndroidPIT/Google

What you should do is backup your photos either onto your computer, a cloud service or an external source (which you should do anyways, regardless of this problem). After this, head to the setting of your S3, then ‘Applications manager’, swipe to the left until you see ‘All’ apps and scroll down to the Gallery app. Here you are going to want to first disable the app, then force close it, clear the cache and the clear the data. Press Ok to confirm.

Battery issues and other problems

If you are getting battery problems, please check out the multitude of articles we have written on the subject, such as 16 ways to improve battery life. You can also consult our other articles,'Solutions to Android 4.3 problems on Galaxy S3' as well as 5 more tips to fix Android 4.3 problems on Galaxy S3. Here you will find solutions for recurring download notifications, lockscreen lags, battery problems, multi-window issues, notification woes, etc.

If you have a problem not mentioned above, please ask in the comments or in the forum.

Loie Favre found her way to her present passion for Android and smartphone technology after experiencing an epiphany when she held her Galaxy Note 2. From that point onwards, you can find her with her nose buried in countless Android apps and different smartphone models, and thanking her lucky stars that she gets to work at something she loves.


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  • Cyrus MD Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    RR, Hopefully Samsung will resolve this BS. I also hate to say that since Google makes the Android Software, they must be pushing people to use Google Sync rather than Outlook. I would not put my phonebook on Google's Cloud. This issue only started when 4.3 update was pushed down. Rascal rabbit, at least I am not the only with that issue. My S3 is as good as a brick since I cannot sync the phone with my Outlook contacts. I went backwards and synced my BB Torch so I can use my contacts when on the road. Thank you

  • Rascal Rabbit Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    hope your not looking for any type of resolution with the S4 and KitKat... because i have a lot of the same problems that the S3 has with my S4... they haven't fixed anything...

  • Cyrus MD Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    Thank you. I am talking about my Samsung Galaxy S3, please do not write back until you really have a fix for me, have a nice day.

  • Jestoni U Esperanza Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    Try another Browser and try to upgrade memory

  • Cyrus MD Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    Jestoni, there is nothing to repair. I just want my S3 to be able to sync with Outlook. It stopped syncing after the 4.3 update.

  • Jestoni U Esperanza Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    i want toShow how to fix but i dont have Galaxy S3 very easy to fix all android if you always focusing how to fix any kind of Samsung and Enjoying to repair

  • Cyrus MD Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    Great to know about all of 4.3 issues. What about syncing with Outlook? I have not been able to sync it since the update. When will that be fixed, any ideas. I have tried the new version of Kies and the sync has not worked. I am pretty pissed at AT&T and Samsung for letting an update go through that screwed up a lot of people. Will be glad if 4.4 will fix that but when will that update happen?

  • Glostermeteor Apr 2, 2014 Link to comment

    Anyone else get a very annoying 'Unfortunately Touchwiz has stopped'. When that comes up I can't go to the home screen and have to restart the phone