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How would you improve AndroidPIT?

How would I describe AndroidPIT? It’s basically a free Android news service full of content covering a wide range of topics for all levels, with unintrusive advertising. We strive to bring you awesome news, great tips and the latest information on Android-related topics, as well as offer an AndroidPIT News app, a forum where you can discuss everything under the sun, and App Profiles to ask your app-specific questions.

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How would you improve AndroidPIT, if at all? wink / © ANDROIDPIT

But why are we doing all of this? It’s, in essence, for the reader. Though we aren’t superheroes and can only do what go as far as our human capabilities, there are always places to improve. This is why we wanted to know how you, the faithful reader, would change or like to see more of on our site, app, forum, or app profiles!

Do you want to see a more intuitive design design and web format, different content, more social networking, a spruced up forum? Let us know, because your opinion matters.

How would you improve AndroidPIT?
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Readers' favorite comments

  • Stuart Male Nov 17, 2014

    why try to fix something that isn't broken?
    great forum. love all the news. only thing I might like would be a menu for phones or maybe just brands so you can see all the news on that brand.
    great job keep up the good work


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  • your app is top notch but few improvement won't harm
    1) color coded categorise article.
    2) tabs to open more than one article at one time.
    3) more options for viewing the articles is date wise, topic wise.
    4) save option or read it later option for articles.
    5) hide/delete option for articles.
    6) notifications related to favourite
    mobile/brand related articles.
    7) articles in which i comment, its link link should be saved in my profile.
    rest everything is near perfect.

  • Allowing articles to be saved in app would be awesome otherwise perfect

  • I agree with Craig Lewis above. get rid of that VERY ANNOYING pop down banner which gets in your face every time I scroll up. Please, please get rid of this.

  • Inevitably some articles will be better than others as Bojan says, but I think you've got a great team that complement each other well. Not only Kris and Scott, but Loie Favre and Mark Wilson also post some great stuff.

    My suggestion would be to beef-up the developer-related material, which would attract more of the developer community, but without losing the consumer focus at the front-end (I reckon there's a sizeable overlap between the two actually). I know there's the developer forum, but nothing as yet to compare with the consumer magazine.

    Keep up the good work guys, and remember you can't please everybody all of the time!

  • Don't want to be negative, but give back the "dislike" button. On the articles as well as comments. That would be the easiest and the fastest way of expressing my opinion on some comment or the article without being bothered to actually post something. Sometimes I don't have time and/or will to post, which lately is most of the time. Don't go facebook way (which sucks in and of itself), I want to express my good and bad opinion as well.

    Sorry for this, but I also must point out that not all articles here are up to par. I won't write a critique or something and will just name, as an example, my favorite author here - Kris Carlon. IMHO his articles are the best, both technically (style, research well done, wealth of information, easily understandable even to non tech savvy) and thematically (always interesting themes, more technical than others, but practically very useful). Keep up the good work, Kris!

    Well, that's just my opinion.

    Oh, and Scott Adam Gordon is cool too. Second place for him.

  • I am quite impressed by the amount of information you provide regarding Android in general but it mostly considers the top brands only which at times can be repetitive. It would be nice for owners of the cheaper phones to have their products included more often.

  • Get rid of that annoying, bobbing banner! Keep it at the top of the page please.

  • Guys please add a option to save our favourite articles

  • Allow replies to answers to app questions. Sometimes the supplied answer reads like the question hasn't been read but there's no way to reply.

  • why try to fix something that isn't broken?
    great forum. love all the news. only thing I might like would be a menu for phones or maybe just brands so you can see all the news on that brand.
    great job keep up the good work

    • That's a cool idea Stuart. It makes perfect sense that you may be interested in something in between everything and just your current phone.

  • Well ok...I'll kick it off. this is my chance. a few things, all minor, I think...
    I'd wish myself a checkbox for the rumor mill. B-) and push-notifications for keywords, like say I'd set my device name as one and then get a notification when a Z3 hits headlines.
    In app surveys...with 2 kids and overtime, I just never find time to open a browser. I wanna vote, too, but from the app.

    the articles are excellent. compelling as well as interesting because the authors' personalities all come thru a little bit. keep up the good work.