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How to replace screen glass on the Galaxy S4

How to replace screen glass on the Galaxy S4

Yesterday, we covered the many ways to protect your Android smartphone glass, but that’s probably no help to you if you have already broken it. Today we’ll give you the steps on how you can actually replace the glass on your smartphone, and in this case, specifically for the Galaxy S4.

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A word of caution before starting: though replacing the glass on your device is a fairly simple procedure, it’s also very delicate. I suggest you follow this guide close, while being careful not to further damage the device, and of course, being especially careful not to cut or burn yourself. Neither I nor AndroidPIT we be liable for any damages. Also, this procedure would likely work on any other device, but searching for exact instructions for the device in question is recommend before getting underway.

What you need

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 replacement glass, which you can get from Amazon.
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Spudger / Metal Spudger
  • Plastic opening tool like a plastic card or guitar pick
  • Safety glasses (recommended)
  • Plastic razor blade
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Contact solution/cleaner
phone battery
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How to do it

1. Take the phone apart: back plate, battery, SIM card etc should also be removed, you can use your fingernail or a spudger, whatever works for you.

2. Use the heat gun or hair dryer (set to minimum) and heat the glass for about 3 to 4 minutes, being careful not to overdo it and damage the digitizer below. If you use a blow dryer, it might take more time, since the heat isn’t as intense.

3. The heat dissolves the adhesive that holds the glass glued to the device.

4. Once it’s been loosened enough, use a nail file or a thin plastic tool to carefully lift the glass along the edges starting from the top and working your way around.

5. Depending on how damaged your S4 glass is, you may need to cover it with a few layers of packing tape to prevent the glass fragments from jumping everywhere. This would also be a good time to wear safety goggles.

6. If you are finding that glass is still sticking, you can reheat it, but always being careful not to overheat.

7. Remove the two touch keys before lifting off the glass.

8. Lift the old glass, but slowly and carefully.

9. Use a plastic razor to remove the rest of the display from the digitizer. Also take extra care near the touch keys.

limpiar smartphone
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10. Once you remove the old glass, clean the digitizer with a microfiber cloth and contact cleaner to remove adhesive residue. If you happen to have scratched the digitizer, this shouldn’t be a problem as it won’t be noticeable when the screen is later turned on.

11. Place the adhesive film that came with the glass replacement along the edges of the device. You can also purchase 3M 2mm strips if it didn’t come with it.

12. Take the glass replacement and remove the underside plastic covering, but leave the one on top on. Make sure that you don’t touch the bottom side, or get any dust on it. If you do, clean it with the microfiber cloth.

13. Place the glass on the phone and remove the top layer of protective plastic.

14. Now, you can put your phone back together again: insert the SIM, microSD and battery, and place the back piece on again.

Your Galaxy S4 is as good as new!

Source: iFixit

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  • I just made this process and document it in some Youtube videos, I did use the UV LOCA method and is as good as new:
    Part 1 - Disassembly

    Part 2 - Removal of Broken glass and cleanup

    Part 3 - Installation of new glass with UV Cola glue method

  • Wow...No mention of needing to use Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive between the LCD/digitizer and the top glass? And it's supposed to be good as new? Ha. Good luck with that. The massive bubble that will look like a watermark in the middle and not as crisp looking, as well as any scuffs on the screen underneath will be nicely showcased without using LOCA.

  • Be very very very careful when you attempt this, and I highly recommend reading other articles about the process, and watching multiple YouTube videos which are readily available. It's VERY easy to mess this up and damage the digitizer, either by applying too much heat, or by prying the glass screen off before the glue is soft enough. Almost everybody that attempts this makes a mistake of some sort their first time, myself included, and I watched countless videos of the process. Also make SURE you use a laser temperature gun, don't try to guess if you've gotten the glass hot enough. I also don't recommend using a hair dryer for various reasons.

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