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How to Tie a Tie – Informative!

How to Tie a Tie – Informative!

Smartphones facilitate the daily lives of millions of people. Information can be searched for on the internet or looked for in millions of applications. Many different features are united in portable smartphones to achieve one of the greatest challenges in human history: Ties That Bind.

Whether our current test candidate, How to Tie a Tie, helps facilitate this activity, you will learn in today's review!



  • 13 tie styles to choose from
  • Clear and concise instructions
  • Information about each tie style
  • Free


  • Free version only has front-on view
  • No how-to videos in free version
  • Poor interface
  • A bit slow, poor swipe gesture
Reviewed on Android version Root Modifications Reviewed version Latest version
Google Nexus 4 4.3 No 2.3.3 4.0.9

Features & Use

How to tie a tie properly is an art in itself. Young and old alike are happy if a few knots remain in memory and can be executed cleanly, whereas real experts can conjure up dozens of knots with the flick of the wrist. Of course, it is also important to know which knot goes with what outfit and for which occasion.

As a beginner in the field of "ties," mastering the most basic knowledge is already a reason to brag. If you know more than a few knots and can actually tie them, or help others tie them, you will not only impress your ''ignorant'' friends but be the life of the party (maybe) at the next tie-wearing event you attend.

Our current test candidate accurately conveys the required knowledge and teaches absolute beginners to the extent that the basic knots are not only known, but can also be performed at ease. In this respect - regardless of the actual application you use – it is essential that these steps are conveyed in a simple and easily-repeatable fashion that doesn't require guesswork.

Simple descriptions and clear diagrams. / © ArtelPlus

How to Tie a Tie teaches these processes by means of step-by-step instructions. These consist of 9 steps, the last step (almost) always consists of the control of the bound knot via a mirror. The previous theoretical instructions with pictures are thus brought closer to the user. This reveals one of the major criticisms of the free version of the application. Because in the free, ad-funded version there is only the "front view" available for the respective steps.

More interesting, however, would be studying the tying from the "top view" – that is from the view of the binder – because this is the view you will most often encounter in real life. No matter how detailed the images may be from a frontal view, when reversing the perspective it is easy for small errors to creep in that affect the final result significantly. The user (usually) only realizes after a few more steps that something must be wrong and the entire sequence must be started from scratch.

Video tutorials are also missing in the free version of the app. Positive points, however, are the wide range of possible ties and the short explanations which explain the ties and the difficulty level. In the paid version there are another 7 variants, but I'm personally very well-served by the 13 completely free tie types and usually only use the most popular options anyway.

Bow ties are also included. / © ArtelPlus

Screen & Controls

How to Tie a Tie made a very good impression in this category at the start of the testing period, but it was unfortunately diminished over time. It gradually becomes apparent that the entire interface of the application has not fully been thought through. So, for example, there is no button that calls up the menu. One is reliant on the Android's "Back" button to perform this command. Also, the "swipe" between steps does not respond in a reliable way and the user will be forced to make the same gesture several times to get to the next step.

Speed & Stability

How to Tie a Tie did not crash during the test period, but the base speed of the application is still in need of improvement.

The app may be a little slow, but it's free and very handy. / © ArtelPlus

Price/Performance Ratio

How to Tie a Tie is available for free in the Play Store. The application is ad-supported unless you want to pay for the Pro version, which is ad-free.

Final verdict

How to Tie a Tie is a good application, and with a few attempts you'll be able to work out common variants without major problems. Unfortunately, some important information is not integrated into the application, such as the length of the tie or general information about wearing a tie, but this can be found on an external website easily enough.

Otherwise, How To Tie a Tie served its purpose fully and will undoubtedly satisfy casual users. Ambitious users are perhaps better served by the better-equipped Pro version.

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