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How to transform your Galaxy Note 2 into a Note 3
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How to transform your Galaxy Note 2 into a Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a fantastic smartphone that sports a high resolution screen with a fast processor. However, with the release of the Galaxy Note 3 it has been all but pushed to the side with consumers being able to choose a much newer device. However, if you’re looking to make your Note 2 more like the latest version of the Note series, look no further: Thanks to the Electron Team it is now possible to integrate the features of the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 into your Note 2.

note2 to note3 teaser
Get the features of the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 on your Galaxy Note 2! / © AndroidPIT

Note: In order to do this, you’ll need to have your Galaxy Note 2 unlocked and rooted as you’ll need to install a custom ROM to your device. Always make sure to back up your device prior to doing any of these things.

More information on the ROM

With the DN3 V5 ROM, you’ll get access to the following features on your Note 2:

Galaxy Note 3 Features included:

  • Air Command
  • Smart Scroll
  • Smart Pause
  • Unlock with signature
  • Using one hand in all screens
  • Icons
  • Archive
  • SNote
  • Album clippings
  • Writing screen
  • SketchBook
  • Quick Info
  • Multiwindow
  • More Apps and features

Galaxy S5 Features included:

  • Contacts
  • Phone Features
  • Features Posts
  • Drive Links
  • SBrowser
  • Toolbox
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • Effects unlock screen
  • User Interface
  • Launcher with Magazine
  • Wallpapers
  • Other features

The following video shows some of the features working on the Galaxy Note 2:


One of the first things you’ll need to ensure before starting the process is that your Note 2 has been unlocked and you have root permissions. For a quick guide on how you can root your Galaxy Note 2, check out our previous article on the subject.

Flash MJ5 Bootloader Firmware

First we will need to download the following files:

To flash the bootloader we will use Odin. If you haven’t done this before, here’s the procedure:

  1. Open Odin
  2. Put your phone in Download Mode (Turn off your Note 2 and hold the Volume down, Power, and Home buttons at the same time).
  3. Connect your Note 2 to your PC and wait for Odin to recognize it.
  4. Enable only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot.
  5. Press the Bootloader button and select your MJ5 bootloader firmware you downloaded above.
  6. Press the start button and wait for your device to restart.
note2 to note3 odin
 © XDA-developers

Flash TWRP Recovery

Since your Note 2 is already rooted, the quickest and easiest way to install the TWRP Recovery is through GOO Manager, which is available on the Google Play Store.

Once you’ve installed Goo Manager, press the menu key and select “Install OpenRecoveryScript”. Press Yes twice and then the file will be downloaded and installed to your Note 2.

Flash the DN3 V5 Rom

Simply download either the Full or Lite version of the DN3 V5 ROM, select the numbers of apps and options you want pre-installed and flash it to your device.  Voila, you’ve got DN3 V5 on your Note 2 and can access some of the best features of the Note 3 and Galaxy S5!


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  • I rooted my phone yeah me I'm so happy now, I'm looking for custom roms I like this one but I would like to know will it work on the t mobile version of the note 2

  • I was able to root and flash this rom on my SPH-T889 using a different method but I lost my LTE signal even after updating the APN to fast.T-mobile. I tried to swap the modem but my LTE never returned until I fasted to another rom (Jedi X19). Can anyone with T-moble confirm this will work right?
    Also, I was able to fast this rom with an unlocked AT&T i317 and that worked perfectly!!

  • can someone break this rooting thing down to me in dummy terms please I have the tmobile version of the note 2

  • One note 3 spen feature is not working that is when I press on the buttons. They are back buttons and info buttons.

  • How do I update ROM?

  • where do i get mk9 bootloader?

  • Hi. MJ5 also supported for Note 2 N7105

  • ok im new to this but I want to learn how to just root my galaxy note 2 tmobile so can someone break it down in dummy terms for me please

  • pls help whenever i download dn3 v5 (lite) zip file download gets complete at 400 MB instead its size is 1.6 GB. is it fine or some problem. pls tell

  • need help whenever i download dn3 v5 (lite) zip file it always get stopped at 400 MB instead it's size is 1.6 GB. is it ok or having som problem. my id is 6527170.

  • After installing this custom DN3 V5 ROM everything works fine in my note 2, but except wifi direct. Whenever I try to share some files through wifi direct an error message shows that "Unfortunately, settings has stopped". This problem arises only after installing this ROM. Please provide me a solution for this problem.

  • i think it is MD5 that was in the link, i couldn't find the MJ5 link.

    • The link given here is MJ5... MD5 is the extension of the file.
      disable the antivirus
      try different version on odin
      use the usb port behind the cpu
      do not use usb hub
      install all the samsung drivers

      • could you link the MJ5 here? when i click on the link up above it just says md5. If you cant do it, its fine.

      • Kunal Sep 26, 2014 Link to comment

        I have a problem. I have a mac that runs windows using parallels. so will I never be able to install this bootloader?

        Also I keep getting the message Super UserSU has stopped. does that mean my phone did not get rooted correctly? But Goo did get installed... but it could not connect to open some link and I could not see any prompt to download the script.


  • I tried this and it didnt work at all. just kept saying fail, would you know what i am doing wrong?

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