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How to turn your Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S6
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How to turn your Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S6

Today we have a super cool tweak for your Galaxy S5 (which also works on the Galaxy S4 and Galay Note 3): enable access to the Galaxy S6's theme engine. The process is pretty simple, although a little bit involved. We'll walk you through the steps one at a time so you can follow along and unlock this hidden gem in the Galaxy S5. Check back into this article regularly too, as we'll add more tricks for transforming your Galaxy S5 into an S6 in the weeks to come.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 Galaxy S6 themes
The Galaxy S5 (right) can become a little more like the Galaxy S6 (left). / © ANDROIDPIT


  • A rooted Galaxy S5

How to enable Galaxy S6 themes on the Galaxy S5

1. Download the following file from XDA Developers: Lollipop Themes Enabler

2. Download ES File Explorer if you don't already have it and enable Root Explorer in the left-hand slide out menu.

3. In ES File Explorer, navigate to the Lollipop Themes Enabler zip (it should be in Downloads) and extract it.

4. Go to the Lollipop Theme Enabler folder and you'll see two folders: app and csc.

5. Open the app folder.

6. Select all the folders in the app folder and copy them.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 1

7. Navigate to device/system/app and paste the folders there. If it doesn't let you make sure you have Root Explorer enabled in the left-hand menu in ES File Explorer.

8. For each folder you just pasted to device/system/app you want to long press on them individually and select Properties from the overflow menu in the bottom right of ES File Explorer.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 2

9. Now, for each folder you want to change the permission values to RWX R-X R-X (check the screenshots for details) and press OK.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 3

10. Once you've changed the permissions for each folder, go into each folder, long press the APK inside and select properties from the overflow menu again.

11. For each APK, change the permissions to RW- R-- R-- and press OK.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 4

12. Navigate back to the Lollipop Themes Enabler and open the csc folder.

13. Copy the file in the csc folder.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 5

14. Go to device/system/csc and paste the file there.

15. Long press the file you just pasted and select Properties from the action overflow menu at the bottom right of ES File Explorer.

16. Change the permissions of the file to RW- R-- R-- and press OK.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 6

17. Navigate to device/system/etc and open floating_feature.xml with ES Note Editor.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 7

18. Find the following code:


19. Replace that line with this:


(If you don't want to copy and paste just type in themev2 between the two elements of code.)

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 8

20. Tap the back arrow and confirm the saved changes to floating_feature.xml

21. Reboot your Galaxy S5.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 theme tutorial 9
Before and after: the Galaxy S5 with Themes enabled (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

22. Once restarted, when you long press to access your home screen settings you'll find the Themes option is enabled and you have access to the themes included in the zip file you downloaded at the start. Keep an eye out for more and enjoy the Galaxy S6 theme engine on your Galaxy S5.


If TouchWiz force closes when you try to launch the Themes, just go back into ES File Explorer and make sure that the permissions are correct. The folders in which the APKs are located should be RWX R-X R-X and the APKS should be RW- R-- R--.

How have you themed your Galaxy S5?


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  • and by the way great job, well done, you have explained so much in detail so simply that even a nursery class kid can understand very well, well done once agian.

  • AA
    i have officially upgraded (OTA) my Samsung galaxy note 4 to Android 6 Marshmallow but the THEME-ENGINE is missing, which i thought would automatically come but it didnt. anyhow i just want to ask that as my phone is running Android 6 marshmallow so "lollipop theme enabler "would work on it or not?
    and plz guide how to enable the theme engine on NOTE 4 Android marshmallow WIThOUT rooting my note 4.

  • Do I need to root my phone to enable the themes?

  • Hi have Samsung galaxy S5 model SM-G900H
    So I followed the lolipop term completely. But still the theme Icon didn't appeared. What is the problem. Someone help me plz.

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  • Does 'root explorer' mean I need root access? How can I do that on a Sprint S5? (I used towelroot on kitkat)

  • Does this work on kit kat 4.4.2?

  • but it doesn't give the cool drop down shadows present under the icons in s6 which is actually cool. that's what i want. anyway to get that?