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HTC and Samsung Hopping on the Windows 8 Train
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HTC and Samsung Hopping on the Windows 8 Train

It's all about diversification, baby.

A new crop of Windows 8 phones will be made by Samsung and HTC as well as Huawei and Nokia, according to an announcement made yesterday by Microsoft. While Nokia will be the first to release a Windows 8 model, other manufacturers will be releasing their own devices soon after. 

Nokia (stupidly, I might add) is betting their entire fortune on the Windows operating system while for HTC and Samsung, Windows 8 is just one of two operating systems they're betting on. The idea of diversifying apparantly hasn't reached the hawks at Nokia. 

But what does this mean for Android? Well, the new Windows 8 is certainly a threat. With an updated Start Screen, users will now be able to re-size their tiles to customize their phones in a way similar to Android. Because the new Start Screen is so aesthetically dynamic, it will allow for a level of customization unheard of before. Other tasty features include NFC, quad-core support and deeper integration of Skype.

But while Android provides updates (slow as they may be) to existing models after a new OS is announced, Windows will do no such thing. Only phones running Windows 7.8 will receive a modest refresh of their Start Screen, and that's it. 

To see what Windows 8's new Start Screen looks like, check out this short video below:

Source: The Verge


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  • Although I'm no fan of Windows Smart Phones, its in both Samsung and HTC 's best interest to diversify (more $ coming back to both Smart Phone manufacturers). We complain about China cornering the manufacturing market, yet Korea seems to be presenting an alternative (hopefully with less sweatshop abuse reports). As Consumers of Electronic Goods, we're faced with finding the affordable (& asking ourselves if its worth saving $ if it means compromising your stance on sweatshop manufacturing) ...

  • There is an error in your blog post. All people running windows phone 7.5 receive an update to 7.8.

    It's like an update from android 2.1 to 2.3, it many minor tweaks.

  • I don't get it. So how is this any different than widgets? I have read that Windows 7 phones are very smooth and fast and perhaps that's one thing they do better than many Android phones with similar hardware, but I can't see anything on Windows phone that makes it even remotely compelling to want to make me decide to buy it instead of the HTC One X or the Galaxy S3. And while I'm an unbiased Android lover, this is not really a fanboy statement.