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HTC Leaks Android Jelly Bean Device Update List

Each new version of Google’s Android operating system that rolls out will inevitably bring about a whole lot of chatter - especially when it concerns the different kinds of hardware manufacturers who have a bunch of Android-powered devices in tow, as owners of those devices are left scratching their heads, wondering whether their devices (tablet, phablets and smartphones alike) will make the cut when it comes to an upgrading exercise. Well, those who are of the HTC persuasion should sit tight - a list of HTC devices has been leaked, and these will be on the receiving end of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Normally, it takes months after the release of the latest Android version to hit the various devices and hardware in the market, and sometimes, it is due to the complex relationship that mobile carriers and the hardware manufacturers have. Still, Football4PDA, a Twitter feed that has come up with reliable rumors in the past (especially the latest Nokia Lumia range with its wireless charging accessories), has obtained a list of all HTC devices that will get the Jelly Bean upgrade.

Bear in mind that the leaked list is in no way a full or definite answer of what the future holds, but at least it provides a general roadmap. Without further ado, the HTC devices that will be updated to Android Jelly Bean are the HTC One X+ (Evitare), HTC One XL (Evita), HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE (Fireball), HTC EVO 4G LTE (Jewel), HTC One SV (K2), HTC One VX (Totem C2), HTC One S (Ville), HTC One S C2 (Ville C2), and the HTC J ISW13HT (Valente).

Of course, the HTC One X was earlier confirmed to receive the update, and you would realize that older smartphones such as the HTC Sensation and Desire X are missing from the list. HTC did mention before that their handsets that have 512MB or less RAM will not be part of the Android Jelly Bean update, and while those devices have more than 512MB, they do seem to be at the end of their update life cycle. Bummer.

Source: Football4PDA


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