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HTC One M8 Prime specs dropped in revenge leak [Update: GIF render]
HTC One (M8) Hardware HTC 2 min read 8 comments

HTC One M8 Prime specs dropped in revenge leak [Update: GIF render]

HTC's Jeff Gordon just accused notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks of being incorrect in two of his recent leaks, advising readers to ''be careful where you get your news.'' It seems Evan didn't take this too well and responded with a barrage of HTC One M8 Prime leaks, including a lot of specs for the unannounced device, a premium version of the current One (M8). [Update: a 360-degree GIF animation has also been released, it's added below.]


htc one m8 render
If the specs pan out, the One (M8) Prime will be a watertight, Cat 6 device. / © @evleaks

According to @evleaks, the HTC One (M8) Prime is made out of an exotic material which is a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone, with a follower offering a link to a material website outlining the compound. The leaker then goes on to announce the One (M8) Prime will be waterproof and the first to feature a Cat 6 LTE radio.

evleaks M8 Prime Leaks
@evleaks seeks revenge on HTC for questioning the accuracy of his leaks. / © @evleaks

As if that wasn't enough the leak fest continued with HTC One (M8) Prime specs including a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz, and a 5.5-inch WQHD display (aka Quad HD or 2K) with 3 GB of RAM. So far there's no response from Jeff Gordon, but I expect he's biting his tongue. @evleaks, I salute you for biting the hand that feeds you. let's just see if the leaks turn out to be true, or if Jeff was right in his accusations...

prihtc one m8 me
So this looks like HTC's idea of a Prime version of theOne (M8). / © @evleaks

What are your thoughts on the HTC One (M8) Prime? Do you believe all of these specs?


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  • What a terrible name for a phone -' HTC One M8 Prime' who thought of that?!

  • Hmmm I got it. Thanx @Kris. The specs are impressive but that camera lens is a bit odd.

  • Ah huh! This is as accurate as obama's promises

  • What is up with that camera lens? It just ruins the unibody. The specs are pretty impressive though! People should annoy evleaks more often!

    • Agree with you on the camera lens! Must say that the only thing I would have liked on my current M8 is the waterproof feature but the rest I can tell doesn't make me regret that I already bought one.

  • IF the specks on this bad boy are true, will eat meet or exceed the specs of the soon to be released LG G3?? What do you think?

  • When is the prime expected? Can it be possible that they change the whole device just to prove him wrong?

    • Hi @Saem, I highly doubt that. Manufacturers spend years getting everything together for these devices, from R&D to supply chain and so on, so it's a bit late in the game to change something just to spite evleaks!