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HTC One vs. Galaxy S4: Is the Battle Over Before Its Begun?

HTC One vs. Galaxy S4: Is the Battle Over Before Its Begun?

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Remember the HTC One? It was unveiled just a few weeks ago, but the phone barely been advertised since then. Very few Internet ads have popped up and even fewer news stories have been written about it. Clearly, HTC doesn't have the cash to give the phone the attention it deserves. This is even more disconcerting given the fact that right now is the only time for the HTC One to shine, as the Galaxy S4's launch is imminent.

According to Android Police's Ron Amadeo, who attended the HTC One's press conference, the event was poorly lit, the "stage" was "little more than a soapbox" and the room had capacity for little more than the 250 journalists invited.

Compare this to Samsung's upcoming release party for the Galaxy S4 and the contrast is even more striking. Samsung has rented Radio City Music Hall, site of MTV's Video Music Awards. They're also throwing a massive party for the general public in nearby Times Square. They have the cash to flood the worldwide market with ads for the Galaxy S4.

The HTC One is about to get trounced by the Galaxy S4. Not because the Galaxy S4 will necessarily be such a better phone, but because HTC doesn't have the cash to market the One to anyOne. It is a solid phone with an outstanding camera and display, but given HTC's behavior so far, it's unlikely anyone will hear about it.

It's pretty sad.

Source: Reddit

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  •   3
    Deactivated Account Mar 15, 2013 Link to comment

    - Agree that HTC One will always trail the Galaxy 4 in the phone race.

    - But marketing is only one of the reasons. The HTC is nice, but it offers fewer innovations than the S4, and the HTC One still has no SD card and no replaceable battery. Many many folks like innovations and really like expandable (cheap) memory and no-limits battery use!

    (Oh! and why do I have to get a "developer" edition for an unlocked bootloader? Don't think the S4 has that problem.)

    I also wonder if the new HTC One avoids the problem of sense limiting or crowding our other background processes or running apps that plagued the first "one" series early on? Perhaps that no longer is a big issue with sense updates, anyway I have not heard much of it lately...

    My first two Androids were HTC, and it is a nice brand, but other companies really do seem to offer more for the money and in some cases --like Samsung-- they simply offer more.

  • if you don't care about a certain product or manufacturer, than your not really going to notice the adds anyway. I can't ever remember seeing an add for a apple phone?

  • Neither Sony, or HTC have offered enough advertising ... I could say the same for LG & their Optimus G's, but I am actually starting to see print ads (all these Cellular Manufacturers need to do is start flooding social networks with videos & it would be a start towards a global marketing campaign) ... you got to spend $ if you want to pimp your products ....

  • I found this product the coolest of all the HTC's model. Design and resolution looks awesome and I think people will definitely like this gadget.

  • If people don't suffer too much from Consumer Vanity Disorder, I'd say HTC One has a decent chance.

  • the lack of marketing is clearly an issue but as long as the phones appear in the shops and they are priced competitively then HTC and others will still have a chance.

  • htc one lost to xperia z for the same reason?i dun see much ads from sony as well~

  • Imran Mar 9, 2013 Link to comment

    htc one already lost to xperia z for the same reason

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