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HTC One Wear release date, news, specs and rumors
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HTC One Wear release date, news, specs and rumors

HTC's own plans for an Android Wear smartwatch is apparently not buried yet. Recent information indicates that, despite initial development problems, the Taiwanese manufacturer still intends to bring out its first smartwatch, with an eye on a 2015 launch. Reluctant to simply push out a functional product, HTC is waiting to release a smartwatch with a real wow factor, and something which will possibly act as direct competitor to the Apple Watch

androidpit htc logo teaser
HTC still plans to make a smartwatch running Android Wear, but only if it's a quality device. / © HTC

In September, it seemed as if HTC had abandoned its smartwatch plans. Later, HTC's American chief Jason Mackenzie confirmed in an interview with Re / code that, despite initial problems, the HTC smartwatch is on the agenda. So what's the hold up? Mackenzie claims that no manufacturer has managed to create a great smartwatch product yet, and that HTC wants to take the time to "get it right". With this in mind, here is what we know so far. 

HTC smartwatch: price and release date 

HTC wants to make a smartwatch with a wow factor. A little patience here will not hurt, after all Android Wear is still a far from finished product itself, and HTC will probably want to wait for the next version of the OS before taking the smartwatch plunge.

A release date this year is almost certainly off the table, however, HTC might try to reposition itself as a direct competitor to Apple, and release its smartwatch alongside Apple's new wearable in March 2015. HTC's smartwatch will likely cost in the region of 250-350 USD, at the top-end of the smartwatch pricing bracket, if it really is serious about its commitment to high-quality.

htc watch
This leak by @evleaks a while back shows the HTC smartwatch, but it's still unclear what it will look like./ © @evleaks

HTC smartwatch: design and material 

Pictures of a HTC smartwatch are, of course, not yet available, so we can only speculate. A metal housing (aluminum or stainless steel) will be safe bet, given HTC's experience with aluminum, and a smartwatch with premium standard and "wow factor" will not be stuck in a plastic case.

That's basically all we have on HTC's smartwatch. HTC's most recent device endeavor is its leap into the tablet world with the Nexus 9, announced last week alongside the Nexus 6 and Android Lollipop. It seems like the Nexus 9 will be a roaring success for HTC in the tablet sphere, but do you think HTC will be able to do enough to take on Apple in the smartwatch wars?

Let us know if you think HTC's smartwatch plans are a good idea in the comments below.


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  • ljhaye Oct 21, 2014 Link to comment

    They can't even sell phones, so this is dumb. Going up against apple at the high end is just ridiculous. Apple watch high end will be in the thousands of dollars for watch edition. Htc is a joke and they need to just focus on creating tangible /sticky services to help drive phone sales. I'm sick of these weak OEM's wanting to compete in all the same arenas as Apple. They simply can't as they are just fast followers not industry leaders nor visionary creators. I'm waiting to see apple pay make all these android OEM's redesign their phones with physical buttons (yuck) to make some weak finger print scanner.

    • I think you make some very valid points here. Too many manufacturers want to "cash-in" on technology trends, and I think, as you say, if HTC just worked on making the highest quality smartphone it can, then this would be a far better approach.