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HTC One X And Evo 4G Shipments Confiscated At US Customs

HTC One X And Evo 4G Shipments Confiscated At US Customs


Just when I thought things were beginning to calm down a bit in terms of the ongoing patent war between Apple and Android, something like this happens, which reminds me that the ongoing battle is still in full swing. One of the most desired phones in the US, the quad core packing HTC One X, along with the HTC Evo 4G, is now being held at US Customs awaiting inspection. Apparently, the phones will not be released until they are reviewed to make sure they they aren't infringing on any of Apple's pattents.

WOW. The reason for the holdup is because of an order that Apple won in December from the International Trade Commission. That order ruled that HTC phones apparently violated an Apple patent that allows you to dial a phone number contained in a text message or web page by tapping on it. 

The order went into effect on April 19th, and as it stands now, any phone imported before then can be sold. But any phone imported after that will be held at Customs until they give their approval. Long story short: HTC currently has no way to get additional stock of the HTC One X or Evo 4G into the United States.

This is a pretty massive blow, especially considering that the Evo 4G was set to go on sale through Sprint this week. That sale will have to be delayed, and no one seems to know how long Customs will hold the shipments. The good news is that HTC stated that they very quickly created and implemented a workaround, but the bad news is that until the phones are inspected, Customs can hold them as long as they feel need to. A source close to HTC reported that Customs has had months to make a decision, but still hasn't done so, as apparently the lawyers at Customs have still not finished their review.

The HTC One X is needed in the US right now, as it is the phone HTC is depending on to rival the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3. HTC is confident that their devices don't infringe on any Apple patents, and stated:

"We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible“.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment on the matter when questioned.

Picture credits: www.talkandroid.com

Source: The Daily Beast

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  • Apple has done nothing but copy android's features in the last few updates. like the Pull down notification bar. And i wouldn't be surprised if they come out with Face Unlock in the iphone 5. I Had to get a friend that lives in Europe to bring me a One X when he made the trip to the US. I gotta say its an amazing phone its no wonder why apple is trying so hard to keep it from being in the market. Its thinner than my iPod Touch for crying out loud! Not to mention durable and simply beautiful. Apple thinks the iPhone is the best thing..... Android beat them a long time ago. im talking about when the HTC Glacier HD launched. it made the iPhone 4 look like a toy for kids.

  • I think if Consumers learned how & where their electronic devices are manufactured (& what workers experience in these factories) they may think carefully about what they purchase ....




    I'd be curious to know if HTC's Korean factories are any better (or worse), but so far I can not find any negative reports in the media regarding HTC's manufacturing practices ...

  • Well said CJ! I couldn't agree more.

    I believe you just inspired an article I want to write next week. :-)

  • APPLE has lost my respect for being an Innovator (should Consumers call for a halt of the sale of Apple iPhone4s until they can prove these are not Chinese Sweatshop produced where Chinese workers are not facing health concerns?) ...

    APPLE = Chinese made

    HTC = Korean made

    This just reeks of a lame tactic to thwart the sale of a competitive Smart Phone in North America (HTC should start their own ad campaign "Made in Korea, Not Made in Sweatshop") ...

  • I think the whole thing is just crazy if you ask me. What I would absolutely LOVE to see is the iPhone 5 infringe on just ONE of Android OEM patents, and then shipments of that get blocked in the US. THEN maybe Apple would get the point.

    I feel another poem might be needed......

  • am new costumer of and roid

  • shows how SCARED apple is wen they have to patent such a small and trivial item concentrate on ur own work apple and leave other companies alone u also infringe on other companies items such as vlingo asst. siri not new or any good

  • Call me egoistic but: more phones for us here in Europe.

    My secret hope is that companies will start to concentrate more on world wide releases. Then any single custom hold-up can not be a “mayor blow” any more.

  • Actually it could work in HTC's favour. If Apple are that afraid of it and trying so hard to stop the device going to market, then you know it is going to be really good.

    HTC's marketing Slogan should read...

    The new HTC One X..... The phone Apple does not want you to have........

    (Although I am sure there are legal implications there also) :)

  •   8
    Deactivated Account May 17, 2012 Link to comment

    Apple's business plan:

    When all else fails, file patent suits.

    Lots and lots of patent suits.

    Especially *frivolous* patent suits.

    Way to garner respect, Apple. NOT.

  • Wow I didn't know they could pat... a simple feature such as that cause I've been doing that with e-mail addresses and other similar features....its getting pretty sad really.

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