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HTC One, Xperia Z, Optimus G Pro: the S4 needs to stand its ground

HTC One, Xperia Z, Optimus G Pro: the S4 needs to stand its ground

HTC has just revealed what will remain at the top of the totem pole for the rest of the year: the new HTC ONE. A priori, this device is doing well. Really well for that matter. He joins the rest of the group of 2013's impressive smartphone trailblazers, alongside the Sony Xperia Z and LG Optimus G Pro, which were presented earlier this week. The three musketeers might blow the competition out of the water, which might give the future Samsung Galaxy a run for its money. But which of the three will rise to the top?

Who would've thought that such an array of characteristics would welcome the Samsung Galaxy 4, whose release is expected on March 14th? The Sony Xperia Z made a splash in the water during the last CES. We received it yesterday and are in the process of testing it out right now, which confirmed what was written in the copy! The LG Optimus G Pro was officially unveiled at the beginning of the week, which will be hard to outdo with its bent-in screen and big size. Last but not least, the HTC ONE seems to have impressed to the whole world.

However, if we precisely compare them using these technical charts, which one will come out as the winner? Does the Android smartphone type of 2013 set the rule of law?

HTC One v.s. Sony Xperia Z v.s. LG Optimus G Pro


You have a mix of everything here. The LG Optimus Pro sets itself apart as a phablet, while HTC drifts away from the pack with its choice of materials. Aluminium was selected over plastic, the latter being what the other two chose.


All three didn't hesitate to equip their phones with full HD resolution, but HTC wins because of its higher density of pixels per inch (469 ppi).


Did Sony miss the boat on this one? That's what we ask ourself when we see that this smartphone is the only one that has retained the ''old'' Snapdragon S4 Pro. All the while, the others proudly boast the new Qualcomm was presented during the CES: the Snapdragon S600. All three, however, run on 2 GB of RAM.


This is where HTC really takes a tumble! Again the same error and we can only ask ourselves why. Yes, on the upside, the non-opening aluminium casing is nicer and sometimes more solid. For the fact that the battery cannot be taken out and especially that you can't insert the microSD card, it's the pits! This is certainly a downside for the Android junky who downloads games, videos and other things in abundance. With its 32 or 64 GB, it's not too bad, but not very flexible. All in all, Sony and LG are the champions in this round.


I take the liberty of using Saint Thomas' expression ''seeing is believing'' when it comes to really talking about HTC's device. The biggest surprise arose from the HTC's camera, which seems revolutionary based on all accounts. It's actually on this point that the company decided to make its mark. Sony and LG have comparable cameras in terms of megapixels, which still seem to be superior to the one belonging to Nexus 4 (8mp) for example.


It's without a doubt that LG did the best work in this domain! More over, it's feared that the one in the HTC isn't sufficient, since smartphones require a battery that can cope with its extensive display of technology.


When it comes to the price, the manufacturers didn't go crazy. They copied each other price-wise in order to not be abandoned for being too expensive. Yet they didn't charge too little to not lose money. All are offered for a price of 600 Euros and higher. The example that was to be given by the Nexus 4 is way behind in the race.

In any case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had better not miss its entrance among such a star cast. If Samsung didn't pre-emptively expect that the competition would hit one out of the park, the company should probably re-analyse their version and make a trip back to the factory.

All in all, to rise above the competition, you'd at least need to have:

  • a complete HD screen
  • a processor of the same calibre as the Snapdragon 6000
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • internal memory WITH a microSD slot
  • a good battery (Samsung doesn't have a good track record)
  • an incredible camera
  • at least Android 4.2!!
  • a less expensive price (however this is wishful thinking when it comes to Samsung)

Come on Samsung! Show us what you got!

What's your opinion on this matter? Does one of these three smartphones trigger your fancy or would you rather wait for the Galaxy S4, or even the Motorola XXphone before deciding?

(Image: Andrei Salaru)

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  • Atlas Feb 22, 2013 Link to comment

    I really like HTC and their designs but I'd never consider buying one just because the removal battery and microSDHC features are too important to me. That was the major reason for me to not buy a Sony phone again and decided to switch from my neo to an s3.

    The non-removable battery does have an important (and more) advantage I'd like to point out: if someone steals your root phone it's much easier to track it because the thief wouldn't be able to shut it off when you remotely block it. With other phones, it's as easy as removing the battery and putting it back in when the time is right.

    Anyway, I don't have any reason to switch from my s3 to any other phone. Everything is satisfying. Don't need the little extra battery power, neither 4g, neither the completely useless to me higher resolution. Better camera quality is always welcome, especially with my s3, which I prefer less than the quality of my old neo. But I doubt that extra megashmixels would be enough to make a difference.

  • No matter how good S4 will be, Samsung must not stick to their PLASTIC body. It totally drag the standard of a top range down.