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HTC Posts Lowest Profits Ever, Company's Future Reliant on the One
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HTC Posts Lowest Profits Ever, Company's Future Reliant on the One

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Ahead of the launch of their new Facebook phone, HTC has posted the lowest profits in the company's history. The company made roughly $2.8 million over the past three months, after generating about $1.4 billion in revenue. Those numbers are significantly less than last year's – in Q1 2012, HTC made $470 million in profit on $2.2 billion in revenue.

HTC's delay in getting the One to consumers by the end of March likely contributed to the low numbers. Apparently, the delay had to do with equipment shortages, which is likely cold comfort to investors.  The widely admired Android flagship device was supposed to be in 80 countries by now, but is only currently available in three.

Even with the delay, investors were expecting roughly 20 million in profits, but those hopes have been dashed. The pressure is on next quarter to pump out HTC's Facebook phone, the First, as well as the HTC One. This just might be HTC's last chance to recover from a truly disasterous year.

I, for one, am hoping the solid reviews, tech specs and beautiful hardware will be compelling enough to generate consumer interest in the One, but we'll have to wait and see. The heat is on. 

Source: The Verge


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  • I <3'd my HTC Droid Incredible ... except for Verizon's shit-canery (chicanery) regarding the last software update (impossible to accomplish) ... HTC does make some competitive (great) Android Smart Phones, but their distribution (lack of), loss of a Global Market (bailing out of Brazil? "no bueno!"), lack of advertising (please pimp your products) is killing their business ... their best strategy now (my opinion) is to enter the No Contract Market with better Android Smart Phones (4G, 8megapixel camera, 4.7 screen size) and sell to those (like me) who are done being under contract

  • I really hope that HTC One pulls up from its slump! Their ideas with HTC One were really spot on.

  • HTC is not going to make it. We need to consider an Android world with one truly dominant manufacturer of Android phones, Samsung, and its implicit implications to Google. Samsung is squeezing the profitability out of other OEMs to make money in hardware. Just as Google squeezed the profitability out of making money through smartphone software. If, HTC was a high profile OEM struggling to make money what does that say for the other tier 2 OEM's such as motorola, LG, and Sony? They can't go down stream because there you will find ZTE and Huawei controlling that space. So where do you make money as an OEM? Facebook Home?

    By first qtr 2014 Samsung will be 60-70% of all worldwide android device sales followed by both Huawei and ZTE. Google will be pissed...

  • Even though I am a big Sammy fan and I dont like HTC, I don't want HTC to go out of business......