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HTC Publishes The Latest Ice Cream Sandwich Update Schedule

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HTC has published a revised roadmap for the next Ice Cream Sandwich updates. Most of the HTC devices will receive an Android 4.0 update this June, July and August but only the devices deemed by HTC as worthy of an update (ie, no update for the Wildfire).


Once the update is distributed to each device on the part of HTC, it can take another 45 days until Android 4.0 arrives on the specific device, depending on the network operator and country. 

In other news, DAMN does it take a ton of time for these updates to roll out. 

Source: HTC

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  • CJ Brown May 24, 2012 Link to comment

    I'm still stuck with my HTC INCREDIBLE (why should I immediately get rid of a great Android Smart Phone that's lasted this long? Oh yeah, its 3g & not ICS compatible) = but I'm shocked to see that the HTC INCREDIBLE 2 may not receive an ICS update (I guess my theory is correct in that ONLY 4g Android Smart Phones will be receiving an ICS update?) ...

    That HTC One S at T-Mobile is sure looking enticing (too bad T-Mobile is planning on closing Call Centers in America & farm them out of the Country) ...

  • Glad I rooted my sensation and got ICS myself a couple of months ago :-P

    Using Virtuous Inquisition with faux123 kernel.

  • Ti Mo May 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Wow 3 more months for my DHD -.-

  • time to upgrade my wildfire for another model its served me well for 1 year

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