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HTC Quad Core Phone Coming Soon

HTC Quad Core Phone Coming Soon


(picture from Androidspin)

It's no secret that over the past week I have been really, REALLY hard on HTC. But my actions are justified, as they are simply pushing out way too many phones with the same specs and the same basic design. I'm really hoping that my favorite Android handset maker can get back on track, and with the release of their first quad core device, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Winston Yung, the CFO at HTC recently stated that HTC would be looking at different component suppliers very soon, and it appears that could be happening VERY soon. Sources have reported that the HTC Endeavor (some still say it's called Edge) will be announced at MWC, and will be sporting a Tegra 3 1.5ghz quad core processor, 4.7 inch screen, 8mp camera, 1GB of RAM, and the newest version of Sense and Beats Audio.

It's a bit strange to see HTC hopping over to the Tegra train, as they have normally always chose Qualacomm processors in the past. I won't comment too much on the alleged photo of the device, as again, it looks WAY too much like WAY too many other HTC phones, but the quad core processor is at least enough to make me personally look forward to the device. It's a bit dissappointing that they still decided to keep the 1GB of RAM and 8MP camera, as many devices are rumored to be released this year with 2GB RAM and 16MP cameras. Hopefully, HTC will jump on board that train too, and deliver a phone with COMPLETELY updated specs in the very near future. I personally think that they won't have a choice but to do so, especially if they want to compete with Samsung in 2012. It's good to finally see a much more powerful device processor wise though, as this could be the first step at getting HTC on the road to recovery and back in the game. 

Source: The Verge

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  • Indeed :)

  • chinu Feb 15, 2012 Link to comment

    nice 1 brennan. very informative

  • @Brennan - Informative post! I didnt know all that. Lets hope that HTC can somehow pull it off! Like you said, if they can, it will probably be one of the years best devices!

  • You'd probably be surprised to learn just how quickly HTC needs to rush if they want to get a phone like this to market anytime before Q3. Nvidia is the only company with a quad core offering on the market, and will likely will be for some time. In a nutshell, Nvidia raised their production costs, and cutback on some of their promises in order to get their tegra 3 out to market before everyone else, but they have still come with some huge delays (look at the transformer prime), even if they wont admit it. On top of that, the tegra 3 has been on market for almost 4 months now, yet it still only exists on one device...which is quite unsurprising to me.
    If HTC wants to make a "spec" handset like this, unfortunately, they're stuck with the tegra 3, which will remain in it's backordered state for at least another two months. And if they want to bump up the GHz to 1.5, that's going to take even longer (for an A9 architechture in that configuration, in a phone sink, you're really pushing the laws of physics). People have been saying that 2012 is the year of the quad core, but I'm not seeing it take of in handsets at LEAST until early Q4. The public interest is there, but technology simply isnt.

    Ofc, if HTC does manage tho cram all of this into a phone before that time, it'll likely be their best selling phone of the year.

  • Haha, that's quite funny!

  • LOL! Thats the thing! She HATES the OS!! :) Its just that damn keyboard that she likes so much!

  • You just havr to make them realize how bad that OS is! :-)

  • LOL! Once they get past the first week or so, their hooked :)

  • i agree, i gave my wife the LG GX2 and she missed her blackberry keyboard for weeks. weird

    now she loves the thing

  • LOL!

  • Maybe it's easier to press the buttons with nails? :-)

  • I KNOW! I think its cause mine is using her blackberry so long that she just refuses to believe she can get used to a touch screen. I can type just as fast as her on my Sensation. Its so silly..she loves everything about my phone ACCEPT that it has no keyboard. LOL

  • Luckily I got her off Symbian VERY quickly. :-) I wonder why so many women struggle on a qwerty touch screen keyboard. For some reason so many of them need actual buttons!

  • HAHA! Nice! Its always the same battle with me and mine as well. Its just a matter of time before I FINALLY get her on on Android device. I just need a sexy android phone with a slide out keyboard to get her. Problem is, the phones with the slideout keyboards are always so thick. I thnk thats whats stopping her the most.

  • Actually, I was mistaken. I just read that in Q4 Android shipments surpassed Nokia in SA.

    My girlfriend has an iPhone and iPad2, and I have a Galaxy Tab and holding out for the Galaxy Nexus. We have a proper duel going! :-)

  • Makes sense. I thought maybe one of the Galaxy models might have penetrated that market. My girlfriend has a blackberry, and I hate it. I would however like it if it was running Android!!! :)

  • Haha, ummm no. South Africa is still pretty much stuck in the Stone Age! Our best selling smartphone (and I use the term loosely), is Blackberry. But overall, Nokia is still our best selling phone. We are, after all, a third world country.

  • WOW. Whats best selling phone in South Africa? Galaxy S2 maybe?

  • I know! I'm so excited about that! Unfortunately, because I live in South Africa, we will probably only get it Q1 2013! I am still waiting to get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus!!! :-(

  • Me too man. I mean common..with the Galaxy S3 and possibly a new Motorola Nexus device coming, HTC really needs to bring it HARD if they want to compete with these devices. Have you seen the rumored specs on the Galaxy S3? INSANE! I really hope they are true :)

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