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HTC Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Runs Into Performance Issues
HTC Thunderbolt HTC Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich 2 min read 23 comments

HTC Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Runs Into Performance Issues

It was just a couple of days ago when we brought you word that the HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon has received the long awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, ferrying owners of the first LTE smartphone on Verizon from Gingerbread land to the cool dessert. However, not everything is as sweet as it sounds, as there are reports from certain segments of HTC Thunderbolt owners who had already updated their respective devices, and hit a brick wall in terms of performance. Are you one of them?


It has come to our attention that only a handful of Thunderbolt owners who have updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich have run into performance issues. Others have even complained that it would take at least a minute at best to experience a screen change, and in the words of an affected user, “I’ll probably die before I can call 911 if I have an emergency.”

Could there be something in the Ice Cream Sandwich update that caused the Thunderbolt’s processor to run overtime, or is the processor itself not well equipped to handle Ice Cream Sandwich? That’d be doubtful, otherwise we’d hear a whole lot more complaints from across the board, so we’ll narrow it down to some software glitch.

On the flipside, some folks reported even better performance than before, such as seeing an increase in the 4G signal, a faster boot time by about 35%, and improved battery life.

Which side of the divide do you happen to stand on in this case? Looks like Ice Cream Sandwich is not quite the sweet dessert for some HTC Thunderbolt owners expect it to be...



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  • I absolutely HATE this update! now i can hardly respond to a text message without one or two COMPLETE lockups, and it seems the processor itself cannot handle anything anymore. really wanting a solution to this...

  • I loved my Thunderbolt until the Ice Cream Sandwich update. What was once the best Android I've ever carried, now takes almost a full minute to open a new text message.

  • I HATE this update! I'm ready to go back to a flip phone. I usually get such a LAG when trying to open email or simple apps that I wonder if the screen is broken...at other times just picking up my phone will seem to trigger the touch screen and before I can tell what it's doing it is calling my voicemail or asking me to speak into Google voice search (which I've never used). I've tried uninstalling apps, clearing caches restarting...you name it.

    I'm not sure what I will do but this isn't working at all. I'm beyond my contract so I could go elsewhere but I liked the phone before they forced this change...

  • I loved my thunderbolt until this update. Takes forever to even make a call. The battery life went completely down and my phone randomly freezes. Then this morning my phone died and will not turn back on,

  • The new update for the Thunderbolt even though it has improved battery and has made somethings a little more interesting and convenient has also added problems to my phone such as; its slower to change from one screen to the next. Internet is slow and It won't go to any of My Bookmarked websites(using googe or google chrome). If I want to see a video on a website it tells Me that the Adobe flash player is not updated or not available for My device which I didn't have a problem with before. If I attempt to go to one of My book marked website and it takes to long and try to go back to google it takes forever to go back to Google. If I choose My messages wedget it takes me to it but then kicks Me out a few times before I could actually send a text message even trying to go to My apps as well. I can't set up individual ring tones for specific contacts using the ring tones provided by the phone,even with stting up the alarm clock sound which I was able to do before. My camera is not focusing properly. If I press the home button after doing something lets say in an app it takes forever to go the home screen. It's just to many problems that over come the good things that this new update was to provide...

  • Danny Mar 27, 2013 Link to comment

    My Thunderbolt, since the update, is now unable to function as a phone. I can only rely on it when it is plugged into a power source. When it's running on battery, sometimes it will last 12 hours, and then sometimes after a full charge it will shut down in the middle of a phone conversation, or when I try to use my g-mail app. This is so frustrating!

  • Sometimes I can't call or text. I will dial a number and a couple of minutes later It will finally call. I have rebooted, took battery out, pulled sim card and nothing works. Verizon said HTC is working on a fix but will be sometime in April before it is ready. I hate paying for a phone service I can't hardly ever use!

  • My Thunderbolt hesitates since I got the update. Can't take pictures right away and when trying to call someone it just drags. I push to call and it takes about a minute for it to connect. I loved my phone before this update and I wish we could have some kind of choice as to whether or not we want do use ICS. Gingerbread was perfect and I hate to get rid of this Thunderbolt but I might have to it something doesn't change. I restart at least once a week and reboot (while phone is on pull out the battery) about every two weeks. Too bad, I love the HTC logic but will probably get Samsung next.

  • Since the update, I lost a phone and acquired a brick. I have factory reset the phone and tried restoring the old data but that did not help, so I now reset it again and turned off all data and left apps off. Now I have a smartphone without the "smart". This was necessary due to phone calls taking 10-30 minutes to start after dialing, so I needed the phone more than the smart portion of the features. I will be investigating my options with Verizon in a new device (I will not pay for their mistake, so they will have to make it right) or early termination of my contract.

  • Andy Feb 24, 2013 Link to comment

    How long is it going to take to push this out to all Thunderbolt phones? What can I do to get this pushed out to me more quickly. Verizon has been completely useless.

  • John Feb 21, 2013 Link to comment

    Craig, I ran into the same issues as you. I did the factory reset yesterday and my phone is back to normal. Make sure you back up all of your stuff or you will lose everything. It took me a couple of hours to get my phone back to the way I had it. But well worth it. I don't have to wait on my apps to open and it doesn't take for ever to send or receive messages.

  • Craig Feb 21, 2013 Link to comment

    Not a happy camper. I really liked my old TB, it did what I needed, when I needed and never let me down and was very responsive to my touch and voice commands.

    After the update my phone turned into a replica of my ex wife. Slow, doesn't always work and cant respond to the simplest of commands.

    Talked to the Verizon Rep at the local Staples, he was very helpful, got through to VZ Customer service, they advised to do a factory reset.

    Not quite sure how that's going to solve things but will give it a try.

    Hope this divorce is cheaper than the last.

  • I was experiencing very sluggish behavior, but seem to have fixed the problem. After I removed all the third-party settings applications, the phone went from K-Car to Porsche.

  • I couldn't say how mine runs on ICS. I can't get it downloaded! Every time I try, the phone freezes. I even tried doing a factory reset before trying to download it to no avail. This on top of all the other issues I have with the phone, and I am counting down the days to my upgrade so I can drop this hunk of junk from the tallest building I can find! Maybe I picked the worst possible phone to be my first android. But just in case, I am going back to iPhone.

  • 2013 will be a year full of surprises and one of the most anticipated events in 2013 is the unveiling of HTC most prominent smartphone, the M7 or HTC one.


  • It's absolutely terrible and not worth any of the "perks" it comes with. While the interface looks pretty, and the battery life is a bit extended (sometimes, and I'll explain), the choppy running apps, new bloatware, lack of ability to transfer apps to the SD card, and not being able to run flash in the internet are more frustrating being blind and trying to read a stucco wall. Many of the apps I had been running prior are now painfully slow at loading, and they're choppy (if I'm kind) when they actually run. I can't watch any video unless it's on YouTube, and the battery suddenly has two personalities. Now I'm a man of habit, I do pretty much the same things at the same times every day. Yet some days my phone's battery will be at 90+% after hours of having it on, and will drain slowly with use, and other days it's drained within hours of turning on the phone, even if I don't touch it. Just today it developed this fancy new trick where I've had it on my charger all night, and now all day, and despite showing a full battery when unplugging, it's still not getting the green light after plugging it back in and leaving it alone for extended periods of time! But hey, who didn't want to have a completely screwed up phone, right?

  • I am having phone schizophrenia since the update. Battery as at 70%. Take one picture, battery is at 4% and phone powers itself off. Plug into wall, turn back on, phone is at 51% battery. It appears to be random. Phone resets after almost any software update for any installed application. Continuous cycling on and off. Took phone to store. They couldn't figure it out. said could be phone or battery. sent me a phone, but no battery. Different employee in different store recommends not using the replacement, but waiting. Supposedly a fix is coming. Anyone else heard about that?

  • slick Feb 12, 2013 Link to comment

    the reason your phone is lagging when opening the messaging application is becausse ICS is attempting to convert all of the messages to the new format. So you dont have to do a hard reset, force close the messaging application in settings->applications->all->messaging. Turn off your screen lock and your sleep mode, use task manager to kill all background applications and put it in airplane mode. Re-open the messaging application. Because your phone is attempting to convert all data from the Gingerbread platform to the ICS platform it may be a few days before all of the smoothness of ICS really shines through. I had about 5,000 messages in my text messaging and when i followed those steps I found on another site, it took 5 minutes for the entire conversion to take place.

    I am running ICS at full force on my T-bolt now and I am extatic!

    for those T-bolt users who are unaware, you can now screen-shot. Something we have all been waiting for for years. Simultaniously hold down the power and volume down and congrats you have a screenshot.

    My only thing I am still working out is running more background applications. Some of my PNS have not been showing up and I am trying to work out those kinks, other than that, I am very happy I have not bought a new phone and stuck it out with the T-Bolt

  • Never had a problem with my TBolt until I downloaded the ICS update. Phone became sluggish, took 30 seconds to make a call and I was blowing through the battery in a matter of hours with little use. BUT, once I did a hard reset all is right with the world. I'm loving ICS and the phone is running smooth as butter. Battery life has even improved markedly. Backup your contacts, files and apps and do a hard reset. It'll be like getting a new phone.

  • I can't open my messages, after over 30 minutes of 'please wait.' Anyone know how to fix it?

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