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Rumored Huawei phablet could compete directly with Galaxy Note 5

Chinese manufacturer Huawei is said to be developing a phablet that would directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. According to a report from gforgames, Huawei has contacted Wacom – the co-developer of Samsung’s S Pen stylus – for a "potential collaboration" on the project.

samsung galaxy note 5 s pen 2
The Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung's S Pen stylus. / © ANDROIDPIT

However, Huawei has since found another partner-in-scribe to assist with the production of its stylus, which is said to be able to "compete with Wacom's products". The new handset would be the first Huawei device to use a stylus, and suggests that Huawei plans to expand its smartphone portfolio with the aim of tackling Samsung's dominance. 

There are no price, release date or specs available just yet, although the device is said to incorporate 'palm rejection' technology, which means the stylus would still function even if you rested your hand on the device display. This is the first we’ve heard of such a technology, but in principle it sounds like a possible next step for the ever-growing Huawei.

Would you buy a Huawei phablet with stylus? Let us know in the comments below.



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    You can only laugh at these stupid thoughts Huawei will never touch any Note products.

  • kaye albe Sep 23, 2015 Link to comment

    Perhaps it's being developed specifically to address Samsung users who are ready to jump ship due to loss of expandable memory and exchangeable battery. If this is the case, they're exactly what I'm looking for and I will be happy to switch to Huawei. Obvious that Samsung doesn't care about my business. I hope this works out!

  • Bojan M. Sep 22, 2015 Link to comment

    This may be interesting, looking forward to it. They need to do it well, like offer everything the Note 5 has + some stuff it does not (it shouldn't be hard, considering Note 5 has no SD card support and removable battery) and it must be as good as Note 5 regarding stylus thingy. To become a king, a previous one has to die.

  • I would definitely look at it very closely. Samsung managed to lose me as a customer, after having used all the galaxy notes. I'm looking for a high end device that meets my needs, but it's not that easy..

  • ehh, nexus 6 might still hold it

  • WoW

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