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Got a Huawei smartphone? Here's how Google's decision affects you
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Got a Huawei smartphone? Here's how Google's decision affects you

Google bends to the U.S. government and ends support for Huawei. But what does this mean for customers, do you now have to buy new smartphones? We clarify the most important questions.

Do Huawei smartphones need to be replaced?

No. The devices that customers already own remain just as usable as before. There is no reason to replace your Huawei phone directly and buy a new smartphone from another manufacturer. Existing devices are not affected by Google's departure.

Should you buy a new Huawei smartphone in the near future?

According to Google, the existing models in stock are not affected by the decision. They can, therefore, continue to be purchased in principle. According to the current situation, however, it is considered impossible that these smartphones will receive an update to Android Q. In view of this aspect, it is advisable to at least give some thought to buying a new Huawei smartphone at this time and to be aware of this possible consequences.

Will Huawei smartphones continue to receive security updates?

Yes, the Huawei smartphones that are already on the market will continue to receive monthly security updates. App updates via the Google Play Store are also not affected for existing devices. Google's Android team has already confirmed that existing devices will continue to work as normal and will continue to use Google Play Services and Google Play Protect. Huawei also promises further updates and the provision of all usual services.

However, the question of what will happen with major Android updates is still unanswered. Android Q is not officially available yet, but the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was one of the devices participating in the beta distribution, but it has since been removed from the list. Updates to the final version of Android 10 for Huawei smartphones are not expected at this time.

What about Honor?

Honor is an independent brand, but belongs to the Huawei Group and is therefore closely associated with the parent company. Official statements as to whether the Google ban will also affect Honor are not yet available. It is to be expected, however, that Honor smartphones will also have to manage without Google support in the future.

AndroidPIT huawei p30 pro vs oppo reno 10x zoom blue
Huawei in focus, Oppo still out in the open. / © AndroidPIT

Are other smartphone manufacturers affected?

Not yet, but that could happen. Companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo or Realme are likely to look on with concern at what is currently developing in the United States. However, Huawei is still the only one in the crosshairs.

Can't I just update Android myself?

Yes, you can. You can just provide the manufacturer's systems with updates yourself. So if you have a Huawei smartphone, you can install a patch, an update or even a new Android version. However, if you open the bootloader and install custom ROMs, you have more options in this respect, but risk voiding your warranty. However, if Google should actually completely abandon Huawei, this option should become very attractive. An overview of the best custom ROMs can be found here:

The final conclusion: don't panic!

There is this saying: patience is the key to paradise. For this reason, the first requirement here is to remain calm. The Huawei smartphone in your pocket won't be worthless overnight, you can still install apps and are no less secure than before. It is quite possible that the companies involved will soon find a solution to the dilemma brought about by the ongoing trade war between China and the USA.

This can, but doesn't have to be, Huawei's own software, which would certainly have disadvantages compared to the Android as we know it. The devices already on the market can still be bought, the risk is at least manageable. Before you think about buying a brand new Huawei smartphone like the Mate X or the upcoming Mate 30 Pro, you should urgently inform yourself about the situation and have alternatives in mind.

What do you think of all the business around Huawei, Google, Android, Donald Trump and China?


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  • Hi Dear

    I bought Media Pad T5 tab by end of April 2019, so i would like to know that my device will receive future system and app update on my Media Pad T5 ??

  • Hi Dear

    I bought Media Pad T5 tab by end of April 2019, so i would like to know that my device will receive future system and app update on my Media Pad T5 ??

  • Huawei / Honor are going to be a " wait and see " , I'm sure those who have a 2018 / 2019 model have a good 18 months realizing they're not going to get Android Q 10.0 (accept your limitations)!

    Having less choices is not good for consumers (especially when that's an option of finding a mid-tier at a great price), while I'm not saying China isn't guilty (they truly are on a number of issues) .... but Trump's bullying is going to have a negative impact on consumers (we are going to pay more for less).

    I've already asked the same question, but could now be the time to find other places that can manufacture goods as affordable as China .... but do so without creating so much pollution, obeying global laws regarding intellectual property, not resorting to slave labour?

    • No. that's not how it works. China will pay more while giving more opportunity to American companies which in turn will create more jobs and opportunities to create more companies.

  • Who's gonna buy these phones now? What's happens after the 90days? This is a travesty, consumers outside of China are running scared. Many are selling, yikes!

  • Cesar 1 month ago Link to comment

    "What do you think of all the business around Huawei, Google, Android, Donald Trump and China?"
    - I think the Americans lose at the end of the game. The whole world is suspicious of anti-market attitudes.

    • Not at all. This has nothing to do with economics in the log run. Americans won't suffer because we're not being punished. More opportunity is opening up and China will be the loser economically. Security is just that important!