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There was once a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...a soccer ball! And this soccer ball rolled around a platform with a multitude of impossible obstacles. And then there was a mighty grandmaster that was able to control the ball with telepathic powers. Only his wisdom could prevent the ball from falling into the depths of outer space.

This may sound like the plot to the worst movie of all time, but we're not talking about Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster. I am proud to present to you an Android game called Hyperspace.

Is the game better than the background story? Look at our test results below.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.32 1.53b

Features & Use

Hyperspace is an Android game that requires both skill and concentration. It's similar to Labyrinth, but a whole lot faster.

The aim of the game is to guide a soccer ball to its end target as quickly as possible, while collecting as many points as you can. You'll come across the following obstacles along the way:

  • Holes
  • Blocks that slows you down
  • Blocks that speed you up
  • Blocks that reverses controls
  • Blocks that bounces you backwards
  • Skulls that chow down the ball

There are a total of five levels available in the lite version. It shouldn't take you long to get through all of them very quickly. You'll notice that this game requires a lot of practice to improve your results. In the lite version, you only have one difficulty level (normal), whereas as the full-version has:

At the end of your game, your collected points are added to a world-wide top scorer list. I didn't, however, manage to find out whether your points are really posted online.

Bottom Line:

Difficult, yet fun game. It reminds of a game I've played before, but I can't think of which one exactly. Any suggestions?

Screen & Controls

The game is played almost entirely using your tilt controls. You can accelerate/break the ball by tilting your phone forward and back. Same goes for moving the ball from right to left. The tilt angle affects the balls speed and acceleration.

The game's 3D graphics shows what Android has to offer.

Since the entire game is played using motion sensors, it's important to feel comfortable with your Android device. You should definitely calibrate your phone to make playing easier.

Bottom Line:

It's noticeable how much effort has been put into this game. According to the developers, it took over 6 months to develop this game. The menu graphics are pretty lame (hopefully you won't think I'm being too harsh here), but the 3D engine isn't too shabby! It definitely shows Android's amazing potential for the future.

All in all, it's a ton of fun that can be ruined at times by poor performance (check out the Speed section below). Don't be surprised if your battery life gets quickly depleted - this game eats up a lot of power.

Speed & Stability

This is a delicate issue with this game. At first, I thought I wouldn't even be able to play the game because of all the lags and glitches. Fearing a back-lash from our lovely community, I decided to give Hyperspace another chance.

I had to close every single other app and widget on my phone, in order to get Hyperspace running smoothly.

No crashes under my watch...

Why only two stars? Because it's really annoying having to shut down every single widget just to play a game. On my Hero, I've set-up a separate theme just to play Hyperspace. Otherwise, playing this game can be a big pain.

Price/Performance Ratio

 Hyperspace LITE can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. 


Hyperspace LITE Hyperspace LITE Hyperspace LITE Hyperspace LITE

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  • I don't know what phone the reviewer was playing it on, but I play it on my Eris (528 MHz processor), & I've never had any lag what so ever. 5* for speed and stability.

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