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I have a confession: I love selfie sticks

I have a confession: I love selfie sticks

I love selfie sticks. They are a great tool for effortlessly taking great photos from just about anywhere. So why have there been so many complaints about them? Unfortunately, there have been enough complaints to get them banned in certain places. These complaints about selfie sticks are plain stupid and totally unjustified. Let me show you why selfie sticks are actually awesome.

AndroidPIT Selfie stick 1
Dear complainers, selfie sticks are great. / © ANDROIDPIT

Complaint 1: selfie sticks are annoying

A common complaint about the selfie stick is that it is an annoying device. Most of the annoyance complaints center around how the selfie stick gets in the way of activities around tourist sites and disrupt the natives. This annoyance is silly, but residents now can't remember a time before selfie sticks existed.

Think back to how tourists took pictures before the selfie stick: they had to ask locals to take a picture for them. The local had to figure out how to use an unfamiliar device, such as a DSLR. This could result in a bad picture and a retake or two.

How annoying is this for both tourists and locals? They probably thought after that time-consuming ritual: 'I wish there was a device for shooting great selfies.' 

AndroidPIT Selfie stick 2
Selfie sticks make it so people don't have to take pictures for tourists. / © ANDROIDPIT

Complaint 2: selfie sticks are narcissistic

In her opinion piece 'Why the selfie stick must die', CNN Travel writer Zoe Li argues that selfie sticks have enabled us to be more narcissistic because the selfie itself is narcissistic. But I have to disagree.

But how often have you seen a person with a selfie stick actually taking a picture of just themselves? Most of the time it's a couple or a small group. If those pictures are narcissistic, then all pictures are narcissistic. And you would have to go back to a Civil War-era newspaper, around the time cameras were invented, to find someone making that particular argument. We're just making copies of ourselves to hold on to memories.

AndroidPIT Selfie stick 4
If selfie sticks are narcissistic, then so is every photo. / © ANDROIDPIT

Complaint 3: selfie sticks look bad

Some complaints center around how selfie sticks are ugly. Sure, they stick out (no pun intended) take away from the beauty of tourist areas and neighborhoods.

These same complaints were hurled at people talking on their cell phones years ago. Some still complain about people texting or fiddling their cell phones but this is mostly not complained about anymore, people have accepted these devices and don't find them unsightly, but instead necessary.

Selfie sticks are great

Selfie sticks help you take pictures. Until we come up with an even better invention to take pictures in tourist spots, the selfie stick is our best method.

What do you think about selfie sticks? Let us know in the comments.

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  • The problem is people also use them for bad things as well.

  • I think your article is great but that it can't have any big impact on the way people think about selfie sticks, as the media and popular opinion are against that.
    I personally think selfie sticks are very functional and am surprised not many people use them. However, I don't use selfie sticks to take a picture of myself, but more to get another angle of view, to be over the crowd

  • If I get jabbed in the face by a selfie stick, that's bad. If I can't see the concert or sporting event I paid big bucks to see, that's bad. Etc. These things aren't banned arbitrarily, they're banned for valid reasons. It's not the sticks, it's the jackasses who own them. If you can figure out a way to ban jackasses then you can keep your selfie stick.

    • Hi Ellett, thanks for the comment. Has it happened to you that selfie sticks hit you or got in your way? I believe you that these things happen to people and that's why they are getting banned but is it happening so much that they deserve being banned?

      • Liability is the key. Someone hits me in the eye and I am going to sue. It may not happen alot now but with time it will and given that people really don't care about each other anymore, this is an issue.

  • Selfie sticks are objects. They are not good or bad. It's up to you where get you use them or not and how you use them.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Mar 5, 2016 Link to comment

    It would be nice if people would think about others when they use them, then it would not be so bad. I have been hit by them, and had them stuck in my face. I really do not like selfie stick because of thoughtless users.

  • While a selfie stick is indeed a little sad, one should be able to use one if it's not annoying or disturbing to other people.

  • I don't know what kind of people you meet on vacation but if the need a detailed instruction on how to use a camera the might be pretty dumb. All you need to do is press one button.

    Selfie sticks are really annoying at popular tourist attractions. I had to take multiple shots again cause those stupid sticks where captured in my pictures.

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Mar 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Enjoy it if you like to use it whether people are complaining or appreciating. No worries! your money / your selfie stick.

  • Just got one for Christmas and like it. Is it perfect? No. But it gives me more freedom when documenting places I've been cause I am able to include more in my pic. I do try to be mindful of others, which is all we have to do.

  • I don't like that... I can take selfies by myself.

  • They are an abomination and anyone who uses one should be *thoroughly* ashamed of themselves.

    (so no, I'm not a fan)

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