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If This is the Next Nexus Device, Android Has a Problem

Images have recently leaked of what appears to be the next Nexus phone, manufactured by LG. The photos of the rumored device were published originally on a Russian forum and XDA, and they provide us with an idea of what this phone may look like, including the display, casing and version of Android.

Already, some folks say they're disappointed by LG's design which basically looks identical to the Galaxy Nexus. Take a look below and let us know what you think. 


Here are the rumored specs:

  • Qualcomm 1.5 GHz quad-core processor
  • 4.7-inch 1280 x768 display
  • 13MP camera

The device is expected to be announced in late October. I don't know about you, but I'm a bit disappointed by the design here. Except for the back casing, we've seen this all before. Perhaps it's too much to ask for something more from a Nexus design but I feel as if the design is lacking a bit of "je ne sais quoi." 

Source: The Verge


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  • I'd have to see this LG Android Smart Phone up close before I can form an opinion (even though a 13 megapixel camera does sound nice) ...

  • I would really like a Padfone Nexus!!

  • Yes I want a Nexus Maxx!!!!

  • So who would you guys prefer to manufacture these Nexus' devices? As long as Google lets some of the other OEMs give it a try, I'm good. I don't want to see another SAMSUNG NEXUS device for a while. Personally I'm waiting on a Motorola Nexus device.

  • It appears to me that what we're looking at is a Galaxy Nexus with a sparkly case.

  • The problem is not in the design. The problem is in the manufacturer.... have a company which makes shitty products produce the flagship phone of Android..... bad idea!!!!

  • Steven, actually I'm not able to conclude this looks like a Galaxy Nexus considering the poor illumination on this photos, except photo of the back detail, which is again only a detail.

    And also, the back detail photo doesn't quite correspond to blurry photo of the back above. Even if they removed the sticker, it still shows that mirrorish reflection on the "gleam" finish could not be present as on photo above.

  • haha I thought it WAS the galaxy nexus. Ifbthe next nexus is an LG, I think I am gonna pass on it...

  • The back is undeniably cool, but I'm concerned about the rest of the device basically looking like a Galaxy Nexus clone. Boring?

  • The back of the case seems to utilize LG's patented decorative "gleam" finish that we recently heard about.