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Insane Quad-Core, 5" HTC Phone with 1080p Display to Launch This Fall?

Insane Quad-Core, 5" HTC Phone with 1080p Display to Launch This Fall?

With falling profits and diminishing market share, HTC has been struggling to keep its head above water despite stellar reviews of the HTC One X. However, it looks like the company has a new life boat that may save it from getting toppled over when the iPhone 5 makes waves this Fall. According to DigiTimes, HTC is reportedly working on cramming Full HD resolution into its next flagship smartphone, a 5-inch device that may launch in either September or October. The phone’s screen will reportedly pack an unheard-of resolution of 1794 x 1080p.

 You can’t trust everything that DigiTimes writes, but there is hard evidence to support this particular rumor; specifically, a GLBenchmark result matches the resolution from back in July. In the same benchmark test, you can also see the phone packs a Qualcomm 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor paired with Adreno 320 graphics. In the GL Benchmark tests, the phone beats that of every other device by an incredible 60%.

HTC has always pushed ahead in the specs department and this phone looks to be no exception. The Taiwanese company is also smart for leaping ahead of the pack with what will certainly be a Retina-type display that could very well slaughter Apple’s latest and greatest. 

Source: The Verge

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  • I <3 HTC, but I wish they would spend the ca$h to market themselves (it seems they leave it up to the smart phone carriers to do that - which is lame) ...

    I haven't replaced my DINC (its almost 3 years old & was one of the best 3G Android Smart Phones in its time) but the following Ice Cream Sandwich ready models have my interest -

    the Droid Incredible 4g (nice, but should've been larger with a better processor, Verizon should've tried harder)

    the HTC ONE S (nice, but not content with only 16gig & not abble to upgrade the battery - memory? shame on T-Mobile)

    the HTC ONE V (why oh why 3G only? Virgin Mobile won't sell any & would you buy one?)

    the HTC EVO 3D (Virgin Mobile's 1st 4G Android Smart Phone & I may end up with one because I'm tired of being raped in the wallet by Verizon - equal to everything the Droid Inredible 4g except the 8megapixel camera)

    HTC Sense has been a decent challenge to Nexus based Android Smart Phones, but HTC needs to do more (& get their carriers to do more for their Android Smart Phones) or they'll be as "dead" as Nokia is to me ...

  • Well since the number of fools is higher than brilliant, that is why iphone sales is higher.

  • I didn't mean to imply this HTC model has a chance of slaughtering the iPhone 5 in the market, but that the display could very well beat the newest iPhone's, which could be a big deal since the display might be its biggest selling point. I don't think HTC will be able to complete with Sammy's numbers, or at least not in the near future.

  • Could it be the 5" screen with 440ppi that LG announced back in May ?

  • nexus FTW

  • Save HTC from being overtaken by the iPhone 5? Doubt it. Even Samsung selling 10 million GS3's in 2 months doesn't come close to the 40 million iPhone4S units sold in the first week after its release. HTC aren't pushing numbers anywhere near Samsung's, and I don't see this phone (as awesome as it might be) doing anything to drastically change that.

    The HTC One series hasn't performed that well overall, and this device will most likely be a minimal (if any at all) threat to the iPhone 5. Shame really, as I really like HTC products.

    Only OEM with a CHANCE of stealing the iPhone 5's thunder is Sammy. HTC still hasn't realized that a good product isn't the key to pushing big sales numbers. Their marketing is weak, and there is no "hype" around their products. I can't remember the last time I saw an HTC TV marketing campaign.

    Samsung seems to be the only company willing to (or that can afford to) spend massive amounts of marketing money battle Apple directly. Combine that with a great product like the GS3, and you've got yourself a winner. HTC on the other hand, seems to rely on specs and the product itself, which simply isn't enough.

  • If its not a nexus. Its not worth the effort.

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