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Galaxy S4 camera modes and a look inside the device

Today we've got a little audio visual walk down memory lane for you, with two video highlights from our archive on the Galaxy S4. We took a Galaxy S4 to a repair shop to get inside and see how it ticks and in our other video, we take a closer look at the Galaxy S4's camera modes and settings. 

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The Galaxy S4 has plenty of life left in it yet. © AndroidPIT

Inside the Galaxy S4

There's a lot that can happen to your smartphone that would require a trip to the repair man, but sometimes you can safely get inside your smartphone and do a little DIY fixing. We've previously repaired a broken Nexus 4 screen and replaced the Nexus 5 battery ourselves, as well as replaced the Moto G's screen after we did a ''successful'' drop test. Our technician walked us through what's necessary, what you can fix yourself, and how to go about it safely.

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Galaxy S4 camera modes

When the Galaxy S4 arrived over a year ago, like most people, we were pretty impressed with its camera. So one sunny day we took a walk to a local Berlin landmark and tried out the various Galaxy S4 camera features and settings so you don't have to.  

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Have you tried to repair the Galaxy S4 yourself? What's your favorite S4 camera feature?


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