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iOS apps still bring in more money, but Android is gaining ground

While Apple’s App Store is still the place to be for developers who want to make some money off their apps, but Android’s Google Play Store has made some significant gains over the past six months.

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A report published recently by Distino, a mobile app analytics firm,  has revealed that the top 200 apps in Apple’s App Store earned 5.1 million US dollars in revenue per day in April 2013. Compare this to the 1.1 million US dollars for the same time period in the Android Google Play Store.

An example that was pulled is EA’s “The Simpsons: Tapped Out”, which earned a cool 4.8 million dollars combined in the month of April. Out of that hefty sum, 79 percent came from the iOS store, with the remaining 21 percent attributed to Android.

© distimo.com

However, the data is showing an increasing trend when it comes to the Google Play Store. In November 2012, the Android marketplace accounted for only 19 percent of combined revenue for mobile apps. Fast forward to April 2013, and that number has jumped to 27 percent.  As an example to this increase in marketplace share, the popular messaging application, WhatsApp, has seen more profits coming from Android users than iOS in certain European zones: most notably in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

As Android becomes more common place and more and more people get Android devices into their hands, it'll come as no surprise as developers start spending more time and effort in developing applications for the system. It seems like there is a great opportunity to be had for the Android market and if the past six months are anything to show for it, I think some key developers are starting to take note.



Source: Apple Insider


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  • I think the smartphone market share is the first step to bringing developers over. Sure, Apple has had a foot in the door for quite some time now and it's easy to make an app that brings in money for that platform. As more and more people are flocking to Android, more developers will come to that side of things, which will bring more people in turn. A nice little cycle.

  • ljhaye Jun 17, 2013 Link to comment

    I'd love to know how much of the app purchasing is done through a Samsung device? I have freinds that are developers for Android and they only build Apps for Samsung devices because of higher usage, engagment, and monetization. Samsung = Android with 42%+ market share and growing, its the easy target for developers and the Samsung customer is buying more apps than the HTC, LG, or Motorola user is.Thats one of the problems with Android no one really cares about the other OEMs and they will not survive in the long term...

  • ljhaye Jun 17, 2013 Link to comment

    But look at androids smartphone market share over the past two years, it crushes iOS so why are these numbers still so crappy when it comes to developers? It's like they should also be opposite to reflect the smartphone market share...