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iPad 5 video leaks

Despite the anticipation of all the Android announcements later today at various press events from Sony, Asus, Samsung and LG in the lead-up to IFA 2013, I thought I'd also mention a little bit of Apple news. Just days before Apple's launch event on September 10th (and then on September 11th in China) for the iPhone 5S and most likely the iPhone 5C, which may well appear in China first, we've just seen a video that seems to show the housing components of the new iPad 5. There's also the possibility that new iPads will appear at the launch events next week, but it's more likely that they will be delayed for another couple of months.

If the parts are real, the new iPad 5 will be 15 mm thinner than the iPad 4. / © Unbox Therapy

The video, uploaded by Unbox Therapy, matches previously leaked images from 9to5 Mac of the new, squarer-edged iPad 5, and also seems to confirm the thinner dimensions and lighter weight of the updated tablet. The major change is to the form factor: the same screen size as the iPad 4 appears on the updated iPad 5, but the bezels are significantly thinner: two-thirds of an inch overall (or 15 mm). The iPad 5 will most likely host a Retina display but of course the chassis gives no clues as to the display that will be used in production. The new iPad mini will also purportedly host a Retina display when it is released.

Link to Video

The design changes are largely dictated by the iPad mini, and the overall shape of the iPad 5 is squarer with boxier edges and corners. The volume button gets a tweak into a double button array instead of a rocker and there's some upgraded stereo speakers too. The whole shebang looks pretty sexy and seems to take a few design cues from other manufacturers too, but I won't get into that here in case Apple's litigation team get upset.

The edges are harder, the curves are largely gone, it's thinner, lighter, and sexier. / © Unbox Therapy

Will this updated iPad affect your purchasing decisions in terms of the new Android tablets we're about to see? Who makes the best tablets anyway? Share your thoughts below.

Via: The Verge Source: Unbox Therapy


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  • Well you'll have to stay tuned for Apple's conference tomorrow, where we'll see iOS 7, the iPhone 5S (and probably the 5C released in China the following day) and if we're lucky we'll get some info about the new iPads. I've never used an iPad, but I'm keen to have a play with the new OS. There must be a reason so many people like them...

  • Hey Alexandr, thanks for going through the trouble of clarifying it to me :-) There is truth in your words, especially in Gamer department :-D

  • its easy --- regular smart phones for regular ppl. phablets for architects and similar prof ppl. mini tablets for moms who want to play farm and take photos of their grandchildren. tablets for ppl with money but without brains.
    or add Gamer for any category and it will work )

  • Ok, I may be a bit strange, but I don't get this "tablet" thingy. If I had really wanted that kind of device, I would have bought a notebook or even better an ultrabook - many many times more powerfull device and just a little bit bigger, but the power and easy of use make up for that a lot (Asus Transformer is the only one ever that made me want to buy it for a while). Now, a tablet is neither a phone nor a computer, but something in between, it's just lame and clumsy. I really like it "all in one device" if possible and after thinking a bit, I came to conclusion that phablets are the right thing for me. They are powerful, more or even much more than any tablet and still little enough to be carried in your pocket. And still have huge displays and other stuff not available on phones. And it's already a trend that phablets are the most powerful handheld devices around. Just look at any phablet available. At a time of release, they're at the very top or in top three or so in the market. Top power in acceptable packaging. I'm a Note 2 user right now and since I bought it I already knew I won't be using regular phones anymore. And probably not other phablets as well. Until they have styli on at least same level as Note 2. Because phablets are good enough, but combine that with styli and good software support and that's a nice productivity tool right there. Just my two cents.