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iPad Mini Announced: Watch Out, Android!

iPad Mini Announced: Watch Out, Android!

Today, Apple finally announced the iPad Mini – a device which could kill the budget tablet market. It's 7.2mm thick, about a quarter thinner than the 4th generation iPad, and.68 lbs. The front features a gorgeous, nearly- bezel-free 7.9-inch display packing 1024x768p resolution. It's also got a Facetime HD camera up front, 5MP iSight camera in the back. And it starts at $329, which is a competitive price for Apple.

Apple seems especially proud of the fact that they've shrunk the bezel surrounding the display, resulting in more display surface while keeping the device relatively small. In fact, Apple is claiming the browser display area is 50% larger than the Nexus 7.

Perhaps most importantly, Apple is claiming that all of the apps that work on the older iPad will work on the iPad Mini, and in the presentation, the company showed off just how much better iPad's app ecosystem is than Android's.

Apple also introduced an iPad 4 with a faster A6 chip, supposedly doubling the performance of CPU tasks. It also doubles graphics performance, plus it has a lightning connector.

The announcement is about what we expected but the presentation, including the side-by-side display comparisons, was quite damning. It made the Nexus 7's screen look quite puny compared to the iPad Mini. For some consumers, the iPad Mini's larger display could be worth the extra $130. But the price is definitely not competitive when there are Android tablets with more pixels per square inch for a whole lot less money.

The iPad Mini will go up for pre-order on Friday, and ship November 2nd.

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  • Not much to watch out for. Twenty One Reasons Why You’d Be Crazy to Buy an iPad Mini

  • It's just competition (erm, proof that Android Nexus Tablets could be a strong seller this Holiday Season when Consumers compare prices & which one is able to do more for less money) ...

    Now if Apple had taken more time they could've combined efforts from the iPhone5 and the iPad Mini, then offered up a Phablet as thee iPhone5 (& that would've been more impressive) ...

    Let Apple Cult Consumers purchase the iPad Mini, as an Android user I can decide whether or not an Android Nexus, or Windows 8 Tablet, are in my best interest ...

  • @Anna, different strokes for different folks. My kindle fire fits in my jean's back pocket just fine. But that's only because I am a big guy (a few inches under 6' with size 34 jeans). Of course my Girlfriend's pockets cannot fit even the GNote.

    I agree with your point that the iTunes ecosystem is better for tablets. We must remember that Android was only able to develop the tablet format in ICS in any manner that would stimulate the dev community to make tablet apps. Honeycomb, in my view, failed since it promoted more fragmentation. So at this point, with the advent of ICS and JB development in Android tab apps would increase.

    Samsung also introduced that multi view feature in the Note 10.1 which I am really excited about. This blurs the distinction between mobile devices and PCs even further. I hope it would eventually become a standard Android feature. The only thing lacking in the Note 10.1 is a keyboard dock - Asus Eee Pad series style - and by that I mean the works, additional SD card readers, USB port and external battery. Or maybe make it a wireless keyboard "dock" communicating with the tablet via bluetooth and charging it via induction charging.

  • @Glostermeteor I don't think anyone can carry a device with a 7" screen (let's don't even mention the size of the bezel) in their pocket. The biggest device that could fit in my pocket is the Note 2 and anything larger would simply be too big to fit.

    I'm definitely not drooling over this tablet although I have to admit I'm considering buying it simply because of the Apple app ecosystem. It's either this or the Transformer Pad TF300T (or the Nexus 10 if it's good enough).

  • Rutger Oct 24, 2012 Link to comment

    It looks like a bigger Galaxy Note.

  • Of course the new iPad mini screen makes the Nexus 7 look small (I object to the phrase puny), the iPad mini has a bigger screen! If people want a bigger screen they would probably go for the full sized iPad. The whole point of a 7inch tablet is that its big enough to do things on yet small enough to carry around in your pocket. I dont think the price will worry Amazon or Google, but what it will do is put a ceiling in the price of all tablets

  • @Mag J. iTunes is an excellent reason to not own any iOS devices. It resulted in me getting rid of my iPod Touch although I was reasonably happy with the device itself. I'd have got rid of it later anyway since I got the Galaxy 5 Player.

    I honestly see nothing in this device that even remotely make me lust for it. I love the Nexus 7 and use it daily. I'd have to see the 7.9" display to see whether it's a better size than the 7". I can definitely feel the difference between the 7" Nexus and the 10" Transformer Prime. But I rarely use the Prime these days - the fact that its sucks in IO performance is probably the reason rather than the size though. But to pay $130 more for a lousier display, a slower processor and half the memory is at best MEH. I know that the $200 Nexus 7 is 8GB, but I expect Google to announce new prices in a week. And I'll bet the difference in the 32GB model will be even more!!

  • Well, the alternative here is to not write about today's event at all in the interest of not mentioning the evil empire. Kinda foolish to ignore the announcement of Nexus 7s newest competitor though IMO. It seems to me Steven was giving an assessment of the event, not the device. "Competitive for Apple" and competitive in the market are two completely different things and both are referred to seperately in the story..... so the answer to which is it? is BOTH. I'll agree with you that Android fans spend entirely too much time talking about Apple but I don't remember anyone calling them out for writing about the maps fiasco. The story must be alright as long as it follows the contrived narrative.

  • .

  • Got to go with Nick on this one.

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Oct 24, 2012 Link to comment

    @Dvoraak - One could hardly accuse AndroidPIT of uncritical praise of Android. What I will accuse them of, however, is an unbalanced and unwarranted focus and attention on Apple. When was the last time you saw an article here which did *not* mention the fruit company? The above article does not "call it as they see it". It clearly touts the "features" of the iPad Mini and described the comparison with the Nexus 7 as "damning" and "puny". That's not balance, that's regurgitating Apple's spin. Early in the article, the price of the Mini is described as "competitive" and then later described as "not competitive". Which is it? The low resolution display of the Mini is decidedly *not* "gorgeous". The iPad Mini is worthy of a "meh", nothing more. The article headlines with "Watch out, Android!" Pardon me, but that's what I'd expect to see on an Apple fanboy site. I don't expect to see dire headlines predicting the demise of Android based on the release of a sub-standard overpriced device of a competitor. And then the article ends by practically encouraging the reader to go and pre-order the device. This, on an Android blog! If I really wanted to read about Apple (and I don't), I'd go to Cult of Mac or some other fanboy site. I shouldn't have to read about Apple's every sneeze and fart on an Android blog.

    Excuse me, but I'll call it as *I* see it, thank you.

  • @Nick - Willingness to call it as they see it is a testament to the integrity of the staff at AndroidPit. If every single thought praised Android and bashed Apple there wouldn't be much point to reading the blogs since half of everything would be bullshit.

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Oct 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Er, excuse me, but if I didn't know any better I'd say this "article" sounds exactly like an advertisement for Apple. Has this blog become ApplePIT?

  • 329 no way to much money :)

  • Rutger Oct 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Too expensive! And a big laugh for the iPad4, congrats to all who bought "the new iPad".:-D

  • Mag J Oct 23, 2012 Link to comment

    32 GB wifi model costing 429$ and are they really serious they have 1 inch etc.. One thing that is in Apple's favor is iTunes..

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