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iPad Mini Rumored to Be 3mm Thinner Than Nexus 7, Priced Below $400

iPad Mini Rumored to Be 3mm Thinner Than Nexus 7, Priced Below $400

The Nexus 7 was released a mere two months ago and already rumors swirling around an iPad Mini tablet that could destroy the Google tablet's chance of success. In the incredibly competitive budget tablet scene, of course, an entry by Apple could do serious damage to the entire budget Android tablet market. If these rumored specs (and price) turn out to be true, we wonder how many die-hard Android fans might be making their first Apple purchase this Fall...

The Looks

According to CNET, the tablet's rumored date of arrival is in September, but we don't really know for sure. What we DO know is that Apple will likely be revealing a tablet with a smaller bezel. In other words, it's going to look kind of like a giant iPod touch. 

There are a few reasons for this. For one, it would bring the aesthetic of the iPad in line with that of the range of iPods. It would also decrease the device width while keeping the screen as large as possible. Of course, without a bezel, you'll have to hold the tablet from behind in order to avoid triggering anything on the screen, but this is a necessary trade-off in order to fit that extra inch of screen real estate into a pocket-able device.

Aesthetically we're also expecting the device to be quite slim. How slim? Around 7.3 mm, if 9 to 5 Mac is to be believed. Yes, that's almost 3mm thinner than the Nexus 7, and .6mm thinner than the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

The Price

Given that the iPad starts at $499 and the iPad 2 starts at $399, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple offered their latest tablet below $400. If its price started at $350, I think it could easily steal customers from Google and upend the entire Android tablet market.

Of course, all of this comes down to price. The market Apple is looking to capture doesn't want to spend $600 on a tablet, or even $500, or they would have already bought an iPad (and, really, who needs two?) What Apple wants to capture are the first-time iPad buyers. These are the folks who will be wondering whether to buy an iPad Mini or one of Android's budget options. These are a whole lot of these people.

The Potential Damage

Android already has an image problem in the tablet market as there's a stubborn perception that Android's ecosystem is far inferior to that of Apple's. Some of this reputation is earned, while the rest of it is blatant fanboyism cloaked in fact. Sure certain apps, like Twitter, simply look better on an iPad but many look just the same. 

But all the good PR that the Nexus 7 breifly provided the Android tablet world could be lost if Apple's iPad mini is priced competitively. If it is priced at $200, it will destroy the entire Android tablet market in one fell swoop. But even at $300, it will snatch up many, many potential Android customers. The tablet scene is still very much Apple's turf, and you better believe they want to expand their reach even further. It doesn't help that the Nexus 7 has a much larger bezel, a fairly thick profile, and has barely been advertised. The Kindle Fire 2 will have to be amazing to compete with these two. 

So, watch out, Android OEMs, Apple is coming for the budget customers, too!

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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  • my first impression is that every single 7 inch tablet manufacturer should gang up on apple the day the 7 inch ipad is introduced, and launch copyright suits seeing as apples design choices are limited from all the other designs pretty much used up.
    glaringly obvious flaws in apples lack of of usb & TF ports...
    Apples total lack of native drag and drop forcing use of itunes always and not allowed to be accessible via home network.
    face it apple. no usb adding i HAVE to use itunes = i buy android or windows based tablet.
    add the fact my 5 year old plays with my iphone and 7 inch acer tablet...who enjoys the acer android more as theres more apps that arent banned like there is for apple...
    guess what apple...thats 1 less future apple customer to rip off

  • I love the form factor of my nexus 7. it's comfortable to hold and runs smooth and fast. Sure the Apple will make inroads but that will no doubt be due to reputation even though SJ thought that a 7 inch tablet would be dead in the water. The uptake of jellybean needs to be quicker if the public are to really see the android tablet as a viable option.

  • Maybe I'll buy it for my wife she is used to simple minded toys hehe... I'll stick with my nexu 7s. Froyo cookies and ICS for life lol

  • ljhaye Aug 15, 2012 Link to comment

    I say watch out for the next iPod Nano with bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and iOS 6 support, a little bird told me so :-)

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