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Video: AndroidPIT Exclusive: The Tim Cook Diaries (Apple CEO)

Authored by: Eric McBride — Mar 12, 2012


AndroidPIT is proud to present it's first episode of The Diaries of Time Cook! As there was lots of news relating to the iPad3 and what it meant for Android, along with Apple for the first time seeming willing to negotiate with Android for the first time to talk licensing vs lawsuits, our cameraman was live at Apple's headquarters to record how Tim Cook addressed that news, along with how Tim feels about Android, the new iPad, quad core processors, and shows a day in the life of Apple's powerful, yet somewhat comical CEO. Enjoy :-D

(Video link)

So that was it! Man oh man..I had no idea things were that crazy around Apple headquarters. Seems that Tim Cook really means business when it comes to Android, and I'm curious to see how these latest, extremely accurate, and not at all exaggerated developments will evolve over the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned!

Cameraman credits to AndroidPIT member Aaron Tilton. Credits to members Fabien and Steven for playing the reporters and the lawyer. 

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