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This Hilariously Awesome iPhone 5 Knock-Off Also Runs Android ICS

This Hilariously Awesome iPhone 5 Knock-Off Also Runs Android ICS

Hello! No, you aren't seeing things. Two worlds really have collided. That really is an iPhone 5 look-alike running Ice Cream Sandwich. A Chinese company called LeGuo released the multiple-patent-infringing device a full day before the global release of the iPhone 5. It sports a slightly larger screen, a smaller dock connector and "Siri."


But wait, it gets even better. Because there are, like, zero patent laws in China, the phone is even more legally dubious. For those who truly can't decide between Android and iOS, the phone comes with an iOS theme that can be easily disabled. See?



And even seems to run some knockoff-version of Siri. Lulz:

Meanwhile, the built-in camera app looks nearly identical to Apple's.

Is it Apple or is it Android or is it Apple or is it Android?

No doubt Apple wishes they could nuke the phone right now and send in a squat team to clean up the charred remains. Maybe it's my own glee at the thought of Apple finding this phone, but I find it freaking hilariously awesome. How great would it be to be able to send this phone to that one friend who can't decide betwen Apple and Android?

Source: MIC Gadget

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  • OMG if the specifications are real and the price is good I'm sooooooo getting this xDD Thanks.

  • Guys, I'll ask again: does anybody know anything about this phone's specs?

  • I would like to get one of these IF it has a slot for a microSD card. With china you never know so you have to ask for details.

  • Ned Oct 18, 2012 Link to comment

    Well if it's like the last China phone Samsung Galaxy II lookalike I bought for one eighth of the price of the real thing, it will probably survive being carried around in a pocket for about a month before it converts itself to brick. Mine was a very good likeness but was based on an MTK processor running Nucleus OS and virtually all apps on it were Java based. The market stall had the same phone also available as an iPhone4 - different case with apple interface but Android and Apple in one phone - strange bedfellows. Very clever those Chinese engineers.

  • As much as "zero patent protection of any kind" is scary, for once I actually applaud CHINA for allowing Consumers to decide what they want (Apple iOs, or Android OS within a nice Smart Phone) ....

  • Not sure why you would want ios on ICS anyway, its a great looking OS

  • OMG this is my dream phone!! An iPhone that runs Android! Heaven granted me my wish! Seriously, I think the iPhone 5 is the PRETTIEST phone around (OK, maybe the Oppo Finder is prettier) but I think Android beats iOS big time so a phone combining the looks of the iPhone, the functionality of Android and the specs of an Android flagship phone would be perfect.

    So, does anyone know anything about this phones specs?

  • Why would you want to run Android on a iPhone? For kicks and grins, sure. But would you buy an over-heavy, slippery glass iPhone copy instead of a S3 or XOne?

    Not me.

  • I wonder if you could actually import this thing or if you'd get tackled by interpol. lol.

  • hahaha

  • I guess now we know why Steve Jobs wanted to shut down Android and its open source as*. He probably saw the code, saw how anyone could eventually create a viable literal knock off of the iPhone with it. And here we are... that Siri clone if it runs google voice would actually beat Siri minus the cutesy backtalk.

  • If they make an iPad I will want one just to mess with my freinds that are apple fanboys

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Oct 9, 2012 Link to comment

    this is the best way to mock apple
    I laughed upon seeing this in my notifications area :)

  • Mag J Oct 9, 2012 Link to comment

    The Sad thing is even mockup iPhone home screen looks vibrant somehow.. (I wish Android shatters it this time)

  • I like it. :=)

  • bits Oct 9, 2012 Link to comment

    Appdroid. That's what is :-)

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