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iQuran Pro – A mobile solution for Qu'ran readers!
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iQuran Pro – A mobile solution for Qu'ran readers!

Those of you who like reading the Quran when you're on the go but don't always feel like having the entire book on you (because it's too heavy or because you haven't the space in you bag)—read on, because I've tested iQuran Pro for you.

This app is a means for having the entire Quran with you at all times, and it comes with a few extra features aside from the holy texts.

Find out more about iQuran after the jump.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.3.3 2.5.4

Features & Use

Upon starting up the app you will see the homescreen which harbours the following options:

  • Select a chapter (Sure) from the Quran
  • Check highlighted verses or notes you've made
  • Playback chapters or verses
  • Jump to specific passages
  • Start universal search

iQuran Pro encompasses all 114 chapters of the Quran.

What struck me about iQuran is that, unlike other apps, it actually recreates the Quran verse by verse rather than page by page. This affords readers a lot of creative freedom when it comes to marking verses, highlighting passages or playing back selected sections. There's even an option for making notes for each verse.

The Quran is divided up into 30 parts, each of which can be accessed easily.

The universal search function also proves to be useful; you can search for keywords or entire phrases.

Results are listed in verses with markings denotating the beginning and end of a sentence.

There are some nice gimmicks to be found within the chapters, too. For instance, when reading verses, the verse numbers move as you scroll downwards, making it easy to know where you are. Move your fingers along the bar in order to jump to a specific verse.

Lots of language options are available. The original text is in Arabic and, if you like, you can have translations displayed in many languages.

The last major update of this app brought with it the so-called Tajweed reading option. For those of you who don't know, Tajweed is what the correct pronunciation of the holy texts is referred to as. The app iQuran Pro found a clever manner in which to communicate these phonetic rules:
every verse has certain passages that have to be pronounced in specific ways. These passages are highlighted, making them easier to read or rather enabling the reader to quickly ascertain which rule is to be applied.
A legend of explanations of the colours/rules is provided.

I found the playback feature to be top notch. There are eight reciters to choose from, which is a fun bonus. Verses are recited in order, and the app highlights the verse currently being read aloud so that you can follow along easily.

Check the bottom of the display for all of the usual playback buttons with which you can pause or skip, etc.

There are quite a few more options:

  • Decide what happens when you reach the end of a chapter
  • Playback clusters of verses
  • Select how many times a verse is to be played back
  • Switch Tajweed assistance on/off
  • Display/not Tajweed rules

Regarding the first option, you can choose to play a chapter in a loop.

iQuran will also create groups of verses for you. This means only a certain amount of verses will be played back. This is a truly useful feature for users who are trying to learn passages off by heart.

Bottom line:

I'm happy with iQuran Pro on the whole. It offers users a good amount of useful features and makes reading a lot of fun.
My major bone of contention with this application is that, is it's name indicated, it is an iOS Port. It's too bad the Android app wasn't adapted to Google or Android design guidelines.
Aside from this: thumbs up.

Screen & Controls

We're knocking off a few points because of the iOS Port issue outlined above.
Aside from the iQuran Pro is easy to use. The design is well chosen – nice colours that fit the tone – and navigating verses is very easy thanks to long press. Downloading chapters is also an option.

Speed & Stability

iQuran Pro runs very well overall. The app starts up instantly and accessing chapters is always smooth.

Price/Performance Ratio

I would say the iQuran Pro price/performance ratio is good. It costs EUR 6.84 if you purchase from Google Play and only EUR 5.77 if you download from the AndroidPIT App Center.

A free version is also available.


iQuran Pro – A mobile solution for Qu'ran readers! iQuran Pro – A mobile solution for Qu'ran readers! iQuran Pro – A mobile solution for Qu'ran readers! iQuran Pro – A mobile solution for Qu'ran readers!


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