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iRunner – Run, baby, run!

iRunner – Run, baby, run!

iRunner is a jump and run game with a bit of a twist. For once the player isn’t actually responsible for making the character run straight ahead – it does that on its own. The challenge is to overcome and/or circumvent obstacles and dangers ahead and this has to be done whilst running at a fixed, preset speed.

Read on if you feel up to the challenge!

This review was written by Paulina, a high school student.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.9 1.2.3

Features & Use

Test device: G1
Android version: 1.0.7
Root: No
Runs as of: 1.6

iRunner works pretty much the same way as any other jump and run game. You navigate a character through a virtual landscape using your finger and amass objects along the way in order to receive points, speed and other bonuses.
But there’s a twist: you can’t influence the speed or the direction the character is running in.
The little guy just starts running and gains momentum and energy by collecting yellow and green batteries.

You have two lives when you start a game in the “adventure mode”. Watch out though, because obstacles are often succeeded by more obstacles, so that you might wind up with no lives quicker than you think. Help your character jump over abysses and burning candles and slide beneath all sorts of funny obstacles.

The adventure mode is activate from the get-go and later on you will be able to try your luck at the challenge and time modes.

The more batteries you manage to collect the longer the little guy will be able to keep going.
In some challenges it’s also possible to collect little presents; once you’ve gathered enough presents the character transforms into a darker, batman-like version of its former self and becomes faster and more powerful.
Be careful though, because if you make a mistake and lose a life you will be transformed back into your former version.

I find the gameplay pretty sweet overall: its easy to understand and fun to play. A perfect game for when you’re looking to kill a bit of time.

Screen & Controls

The design and sound of iRunner is really well done.
You will find the following options in the game’s main menu:

Play: here you will find an overview of the different game modes, two of which aren’t available straight away. Once you’ve selected the one you want you can start a new round.

More: download more games.

Score: check out and compare scores.

On the left side of the display there are also options for viewing any trophies you've won so far as well as adjust sound, background motifs and controls.

Controls are also super easy: all you need to do in order to navigate the character is hit the “Jump” and “Slide” buttons whenever it seems appropriate to you. “Mission failed” pops up every time you don’t succeed, and you’ll see the little iRunner weeping in a corner on the floor.

Your score is also displayed.

Every time you win you will be rewarded with a happy, laughing little guy and will be able to proceed to the next level.

Information regarding how many lives you have left and how much battery energy you have left is also displayed. There’s also an option for navigating back to the main menu.

I’m very pleased with both the screen and the controls overall.

Speed & Stability

There are brief loading times between games, but they are used effectively in the sense that information concerning the upcoming level is displayed at this time (what the goals are, etc.).

I am not satisfied with iRunner’s stability because there was a forced closed every time I interrupted a game and briefly set down my phone and let it snooze.

Price/Performance Ratio

iRunner can be donwloaded for free from the Android Market.


iRunner – Run, baby, run! iRunner – Run, baby, run! iRunner – Run, baby, run! iRunner – Run, baby, run! iRunner – Run, baby, run! iRunner – Run, baby, run!

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