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Is Apple Doomed? Latest Data Doesn't Look Good
Samsung Apple Hardware 2 min read 5 comments

Is Apple Doomed? Latest Data Doesn't Look Good

smashed apple
Apple ain't doing so well./ © scaryideas.com

According to the latest data from the IDC, Samsung's share of smartphone shipments worldwide grew 60% over the past year, while Apple's shipments only grew 6.6%.

In fact almost all Korean and Chinese manufacturers had a better year than Apple. 

idc data
Look at all the growth for every company except Apple. / © IDC

Samsung was the undisputed winner, with a total of 32.7% of all shipments, nearly double that of Apple. LG, Huawei and ZTE, didn't do too badly either, shipping between 9 and 10 million handsets. 

Surprisingly, LG also did very well. The company managed to double their handset shipments year-over-year. Huawei nearly doubled their shipments as well.

It could be that tepid sales of the iPhone 5 in Asia resulted in slowed growth for Apple. The newest iPhone is not exactly selling like hotcakes in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, where the Galaxy S3 has become even more popular. It looks like growth has all but halted for Cupertino.

But smartphones remain a big business, generally. For the first time ever, they've even outshipped feature phones. Smartphones garnered 51.6% of 420 million handsets shipped over the past year, edging out sales of feature phones. 

Apple better try hard if they want to catch up to their competitors. 

Source: Business Wire


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  • not really care for Apple products. Except the ipod.

    but with all the recent iPhones ( insert number here ) essentially same things coming out nearly yearly, it becomes difficult to cope with things.

    in India, the ipod has done good and brisk business. even in its most cut down and ridiculous forms. but i can tell from discussing with my students who are all from well paid households that iphone is really not at the forefront of their choice list, when going to shop for a cell.
    the price is ridiculous, and once you buy one, there is literally no breathing room, before the next must iphone comes out.

    so even if they make that amount of profit, its still a reduction. and that in the long term, doesn't bid well for them.

  • So they made only 9.5 billion dollar profit this first quarter, roughly equal to Microsoft and Google combined? I'd say they are toast!

    I know this "information" is running around the net but it is absolute rubbish and a clear indicator of what is going wrong in this world. Last years first quarter has been a great one for Apple and it was a ten year streak of increasing profit. The company is rich beyond belief and it still is making much more profit than other so called giants.

    The fact that the share holders are disappointed shows but one thing: insatiable pathological greed.

  • Rutger Apr 29, 2013 Link to comment

    They are not doomed, no yet.
    But Apple have to bring something new to the playground to impress all the kids. A watch or a TV is only cool for the iSheep but they will be nische products.
    Glasses are something totally different and there are nothing like that on the market, but Google is already there, so Apple are playing cath-up. (As with the Watch and TV)
    Perhaps they will expand into other markets, rumours say that hey are working on batteries and solarpanels. Google is working on their superfast fiber net, so perhaps Apple will try the same.

  • Apple still gets 70% of profits - poor Apple, they deserve more! ;)

  • I have a theory. Perhaps Apple are sponsoring North Korea in the hope that they will nuke the Samsung factory!