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Is Asus On To Something Big With Transformer Book Trio?

Is Asus On To Something Big With Transformer Book Trio?

Asus has announced the new Transformer Book Trio which is a tablet/laptop/desktop device that runs both Windows and Android. The device can be used as an Andorid tablet, it can also be plugged into a keyboard dock turning it into a laptop and can also be plugged into a computer dock which transforms it into a desktop as well.

asus transformer book trio
Transformer Book Trio Is Able to Run Both Windows and Android / © The Verge


One of the biggest announcements, in my opinion, at the recent Computex event in Taiwan was the Transformer book trio from Asus. We knew Asus would unveil some new tablets at Computex and personally I am really looking forward to this device as it's the world' first desktop, laptop and tablet.

The Tablet

The transformer book starts out as an 11.6 inch tablet computer. In this mode the device can only run Android Jelly Bean. The device can then be transformed into a laptop computer by using the detachable keyboard. The tablet itself features a 2Ghz Intel Atom processor, full HD resolution and 64 GB storage.

The Laptop

When plugged inside the dock the device will be able to run Windows 8. Unlike most people I actually like using Windows 8 and I think this is a pretty cool feature. When plugged in the keyboard dock, the user will be able to use a hotkey to switch between the Android Jelly Bean OS and the Windows 8 OS.

What's inside the dock is really impressive. The dock boasts 1 TB HDD and a fourth generation Core i7 - 4500U Processor. This is what Windows 8 will have access to. There are also seperate batteries for the Windows 8 system and the Android OS.

The Desktop

There will also be an option to turn the device into a desktop computer as the tablet can be plugged into a PC docking station. The PC dock has its own 750 GB hard drive and another processor too, along with its own keyboard.

This certainly makes for an exciting device as it removed the need to have a laptop, a tablet and a desktop PC as seperate devices.

What do you think of the new Asus Transformer Book trio and will you be getting one yourself?

Source: Engadget

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  • Price will determine if Consumers will embrace what is an interesting market strategy from ASUS .... personally? I laptop / notebook that allows you to undock the screen and use it like a tablet - that's what I would look for (if it combines both Android and Windows, its only a matter of time before one learns how to remove Windows so that they don't have to deal with Internet Explorer / Outlook) ...

  • As always it comes down to price. If its more expensive than buying a pc and a tablet separately then no way....

  • This sounds like an awful idea, So you are buying an android tablet, a laptop without a screen, and a desktop without a screen, then using the tablet as the missing screen. So you have 3 hardware systems with 3 independant os's (2 win8's and 1 android) that do not share data or settings across eachother.

    Seems like a waste.

    Now this isn't practical due to windows licensing, but if the tablet was the "guts" of the system and the docks were basically prepackaged peripherals for laptop / desktop use, then this would rock. Since all your data / settings etc would be stored in the tablet and you would have win8 / android in any formfactor you chose.

  • It's a start but will probably wait for next gen Atom WinDroid tablet hybrids with the Bay Trail processor. Also would rather have twistable keyboard rather than detachable. The Bay Trail chip should bring out much more efficient/smaller designs. WinDroid hybrids are probably the future for power users once the price hits the right mark. WinDroid term will probably be common within a year or so.

    Sooner than later there will be HyperVisor firmware that will allow virtually booting both at once - instant on and instant switching to either. Android for consumption, Windows for productivity and maybe even Linux to geek out.

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