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Is iOS 7 upsetting your stomach? You’re not alone

Is iOS 7 upsetting your stomach? You’re not alone

Reports have been coming in that the latest version of iOS is causing some distaste in users mouths, and it is not just due to not liking the design change. Many people are suffering from motion sickness, to the point of actually throwing up, while using iOS 7. While originally, I thought this was a little bit funny and relatively isolated, a thread on the Apple forums has exploded with people reporting the same type of symptoms.

ios 7 apple
The update to Apple's new iOS has caused some issues for some users. / © AndroidPIT

Nausea, headaches, and veritgo, oh my!

Nausea, headaches, and even vertigo have been reported as arising from using iOS 7 and some experts are laying the blame within the sharpness of the screen and the new parallax feature that causes a small motion in the background and apps. While the update to a dynamic background on the latest version of iOS allows for some pretty cool subtle animations, it’s also triggering the same motion sickness that people get when in moving vehicles.

In addition to the new dynamic background, the way that apps and folders are opened has been changed to and now displays as a zooming in and out animation. Included with a dynamic background that moves with you, these new “features” causes the brain to think that the person is moving when they are actually just staying still. The conflicting information can then cause issues in people who suffer from motion sickness, ranging from headaches to nausea.

Motion sickness
The new update can cause similar symptoms to motion sickness: headaches, dizziness, and nausea. / © http://body-disease.com/

Not unique to iOS

Frederick Bonatio, a psychologist with Montclair State University has gone on the say that that the new features in iOS 7 are mostly to blame for the rise in reports of users getting motion sickness when using their phone or tablet even though this isn’t anything new or isolated to the Apple operating system:

“We haven't done any experiments with this phone, but this is what I think is happening — it's definitely linked to the motion of the screen. Also, the resolution is very high, so you've got a very sharp, clear image — moving. Seeing a three-dimensional space, on a phone you know is flat."

While these features do come as being enabled automatically when you upgrade to iOS 7, there is a way to shut it off. If you head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, you can turn off the parallax effect and zooming in and out of apps.  As well, there are some ways to adapt such as looking elsewhere after using your smartphone for awhile or holding the screen farther away from your face.

Have you ever suffered from motion sickness when using a smartphone or tablet? If so, how did you deal with it? 

Source: Live Science

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  • H.T Oct 3, 2013 Link to comment

    Joke right ??

  • But.... are there any iOS users browsing this site????

  • Motion sickness... Dynamic backgrounds... sounds a bit like 'live wallpaper'. Where have I seen that before? Did Apple's PR machine miss a FUD trick when this first came out on Android? Or have you editorial crooks been suppressing the flood of live-wallpaper-causes-vomiting stories all these years?

    Maybe iPhonies should have their nannies read there read their texts to them?

  • I don't get motion sickness, but my fiancee does and she hasn't had any issues with i0S 7. She's going to be my guinea pig as I try to figure out what combination of activities will trigger this type of reaction.

  • Lol Apple

  • My1 Oct 2, 2013 Link to comment

    never. I almost alway watch videos or play games while in bus/Train/car/<insert any other vehicle I dont have to drive myself) even when walking through the City I have my Videos,
    but have I ever had motion Sickness before???
    Anyway, Reading Books is not so something I'd do in a car ot a bus sinnce all that up and down lets me lose the row where I was in, train most probably works better.
    On Phones and Tables (depending on the size) the lines can be smaller and I can scroll while for example reading a wikipedia page so the line I am reading is (for example) always at the top edge of the browser window...

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