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Is it time to change your Samsung Galaxy S7?

Is it time to change your Samsung Galaxy S7?

The latest additions from Samsung to their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are a bit contradictory. On the one hand, it has stopped offering monthly security updates, but there are also rumors that it could upgrade its operating system to OneUI and Android Pie. If so, is the S7 still a valid smartphone for 2019? Is it worth keeping or even buying new?

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in 2016, they quickly became one of Korea's most beloved smartphones, a sales hit even today, when we are already in version S10 and S10+.

That's why the news that Samsung stopped offering monthly updates for these devices has been a jug of cold water for many users. The March security patch was the last one Samsung will offer for the S7 and S7 Edge. However, this does not mean that the manufacturer will let this model agonize, as updates will continue to arrive but on a quarterly basis. Something is something...

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s7 samsung galaxy edge comparison 1
The S7 and the S7 Edge / © AndroidPIT

On the other hand, some rumors suggested that maybe these smartphones could be upgraded to Android Pie and One UI, Samsung's recent customization layer. This fact contradicts Samsung's update roadmap, so we must clamp this rumor.

Considering all this, what do you do if you have an S7 or S7 Edge? Is it worth keeping it a while longer or is it time to change it? Is it still a valid purchase option today? Let's go over what he's offering us...

A screen that has nothing to envy

Your Super AMOLED screen is still better than most smartphones today. Today, not many can say that they have a WQHAD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. In addition, it is difficult to find a 5.1 or 5.5-inch screen in a high-end... This can be a plus if you like compact smartphones, which are in clear minority in recent times. And besides, he doesn't have a notch!

Good autonomy and camera

Although the 3,000 and 3,600 mAh may indicate that the battery is a little bit fair, thanks to a less demanding processor and a smaller display than the current ones, they are enough to offer a good autonomy. In addition, it supports fast charging, which is capable of charging the device in an hour and a quarter.

Its camera, with a single 12 MP rear sensor with f/1.7 still offers good performance, with a photographic quality that while no longer one of the best, is more than enough. Why complicate your life with a triple camera?

AndroidPIT IT Samsung Galaxy S7 features 3563
The camera still performs at a good level / © AndroidPIT

In some aspects, you begin to notice the age...

Obviously, age doesn't forgive. The S7 was Samsung's last flagship before the arrival of the all-screen smartphone. Accustomed to a high screen-body ratio, it becomes strange to see a design with large edges, both above and below.

Its connectivity is also a bit old-fashioned, as it has a micro-USB connector instead of the type C that is now practically obligatory. And if the rumors don't come true, we'll have to settle for Android Oreo... now that we can't wait to try the future Android Q version.

AndroidPIT omar loves Samsung S7 edge 1422
The Galaxy S7 (Edge) is one of Samsung's most popular models / © AndroidPIT

Better a current mid-range or a flagship from a few years ago?

Surely your S7 is still useful for all day-to-day functions. Its Samsung Exynos 8890 processor continues to perform at a good level, and its 4GB of RAM doesn't have to fall short. Another thing is the internal memory. If you have the 32 GB model you may have to make watermarks to avoid filling it, but you can always buy a microSD card and extend the life of your S7 by a few months. If it's not giving you trouble, my advice is to keep this trusty this smartphone for the long term.

And if what you are thinking about is buying a new one, you have to take into account that today you can find it at a tempting price of 160 dollars for the cheapest (refurbished) models. From my point of view, it is still a highly recommended purchase. For that price, however, it enters fully into the battle of the mid-range and even entry-level sector.

More modern features or the reliability of a classic flagship? It's your choice!

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  • Im still with my s7edge and my girl and daughters with s7...uodating to pie is easy (just flash if samsung wont help)... Still working flawless daily!!! I dont need a new one for at least a year

  • It's a fabolous phone. Maybee the best Samsung has made. Flawles and trusty in every situation. No edges. And as per today Android 5 is satisfying every need of average user. For flagship users up to them, but S7 has nothing to wish more.

  • storm 8 months ago Link to comment

    Unless the battery was giving me problems I'd stick with it.

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