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Is PayPal Support Finally Coming to Google Play?

Play PayPal
Code buried within Google Wallet suggests the new payment method is coming soon. / © Anbieter/AndroidPIT

There are a number of payment methods Google Play allows, including credit and debit card transactions, as well as billing to mobile carriers. However, PayPal has never been an option. This has irked a number of Android fans, especially those living outside the United States without access to Visa or Mastercards. In Germany, for example, most banks give out EC cards, which are not valid for use with Google Play. Many have wondered when Google would finally allow direct bank transfers.

It appears the answer is: soon! JavaScript file found by Google Systems Blog includes many curious references to PayPal. In the file, which is used by Google Wallet, PayPal is listed alongside Maestro and carriers like Sprint, Softbank and Vodafone. Google's own code also lists PayPal UUIDs, which are used by the PayPal Merchant API. 

There are even error codes which include the name PayPal, including: PAYPAL_INSTRUMENT_ERROR" next to messages like "GIFT_CARD_ALREADY_REDEEMED" and "INVALID_CREDIT_CARD".

google wallet paypal 1
google wallet paypal 2
google wallet paypal 3

While we can't be entirely certain that PayPal is coming to Google Wallet anytime soon, this is certainly promising.

Would you appreciate it if Google Wallet allowed purchases to be made via PayPal?


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  • Just to remind you all: Paypal is a COMPETITOR to GoogleWallet. There ENEMY.

  • bardez Jun 19, 2013 Link to comment

    Quite simply for me, I can not make purchases on google play until they support payments via PayPal. Means paid for apps and upgrades are not possible. So no profit to devs or Google themselves.
    Visa etc cards are not the norm in mainland Europe, so a huge market missing.

  • All of my purchases are made through Android pit because Google doesn't allow PayPal payments.
    Unfortunately most apps are not available through Android pit,

  • Interesting. What comes next: Fort offering GM-Bank credits for buying a car?

  • My1 May 1, 2013 Link to comment

    Nice enough for adults but they should rather put their gift cards intp the world...


  • bra May 1, 2013 Link to comment

    It is about time!!

  • Darryl May 1, 2013 Link to comment

    I'm hoping this will happen sooner than later.

  • yes that would be fantastic to have paypal capability on google wallet.

  • 7
    Guy Devos Apr 30, 2013 Link to comment

    This would be great.

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