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Why does the luxury Galaxy S10+ remind me so much of a toilet?
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Why does the luxury Galaxy S10+ remind me so much of a toilet?

We now know almost everything about the new Galaxy S10 and its many variations of model and memory, but as for the colors available we are not yet completely sure. A new photo shows the Plus version of Samsung's new device in the Luxurious Ceramic White color. Yes, Ceramic White, the popular choice of bathroom equipment everywhere. Well, let's face it, we do often take our phone to the toilet with us, it might as well match.

Of all the different versions of the Galaxy S10 that we have been able to see these days, this new model would seem to be the famous Limited Edition that we have been talking about on the web for several days. In his latest Twitter leak, Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) states that there will be two white versions of the Galaxy S10+, Prism White and Luxurious Ceramic White.

galaxy s10 plus ceramic white
The two shades of white. / © MySmartyPrice

As for the specifications, Agarwal reported that the ceramic version will be available only on the most expensive model, ie Galaxy S10+ with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal memory. Ah, we almost forgot the price: about 1500 dollars!

This is not the first time that Agarwal has been able to offer particularly interesting leaks. We remember well the various information provided previously about OPPO, OnePlus and Google Pixel, so there is little skepticism about the tweets.

However, nothing is yet confirmed, not before the official presentation that, we remind you, you can follow live streaming on the YouTube channel of Samsung Global on February 20.

Via: Tom's Guide Source: Ishan Agarwal


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  • No jokes here. As it seems, Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be very expensive. The fact is Samsung smartphones loose their value soon unlike IPhones. Software support even on Samsung's flagship smartphones leaves a lot to be desired. At those exorbitant prices Samsung smartphones are a bit hard to recommend. Smartphone vendors should innovate while keeping prices fairly similar to their previous generations. Considering you get only two major updates, the underwhelming value being offered doesn't justify its high price tag.
    If majority of consumers raise their arms against this then perhaps things could change. Where is our unity? By silently accepting planned obsolescence we are making a serious mistake.

    • i think this is one last money grab before they accept the inevitable last gasp of air in the throes of smartphone-land. phone sales are declining for all manufacturers while those same manufacturers seem to be doubling down on their pricing stupidity.

  • Devices should be designed for the content that fills them.

    • WHOA! are you saying 16:9 ratio is the right one? BLASPHEMY.

      actually, that's one of the two reasons i recently bought an iphone 8 and decided to forgo the Xs.

      my note 9 is bada$$, but shrunken videos on it leaves much to be desired.

  • 12 GB RAM? maybe samsung should figure out how to actually utilize 6GB before doubling it. even still, my note9 closes apps in the background when there are 1-2 GB still available

  • Huh? Toilets are made of porcelain, not ceramic. Maybe you should do some simple homework before attempting a joke that has no basis.

  • Because it has a hole.