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Ivideon Surveillance – I've got my eyes on you...
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Ivideon Surveillance – I've got my eyes on you...

George Orwell's famous dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four describes a world in which surveillance has become part of the integral structure of society. Whereas this notion seemed to terrify Orwell back in the late 1940s, a world without camera surveillance is pretty much unthinkable in today's world, at least in occidental countries.

Video cameras are everywhere and have become relatively easy to set up and use, seeing as many systems can be run using the internet. The app Ivideon Surveillance is a tool which will allow users to control their surveillance via their smartphone.

Read on for more details.


Reviewed version Latest version
0.3.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S3

Android version: 4.0.4

Root: Yes

Modifications: None

Start up Ivideon Surveillance and sign in with your Ivideon account. If you don't yet have one, you will have to create one and install a server on your computer. Local webcams and IP webcams can be added to this server, and will show up on your account and in the app itself.

An internal list displays the camera names and a snapshot of the current image. Select a camera in order to view the livestream. A bonus: there is also an audio transmission.
The current time and pause button are on the bottom left.

Access the archive via the timeline; you can also rewind, so to speak, and view older footage. Should you want to access much older data, hit the calendar on the top right.
The blue lines indicate changes within the image.
There's a full screen mode which helps you suss out details.

Bottom line:

Ivideon Surveillance doesn't have a crazy spectrum of features but it does what it promises to do, and we're quite happy with these useful little tool.


Screen & Controls

All of Ivideon Surveillance control elements are well placed and easy to use. While the design is good overall, there are two bones of contention: there are two buttons for brief instructions and setting up an account. Both lead to two external websites that aren't adapted for mobile browsers. That said, this is not really a major issue seeing as these instructions are geared more towards computer use.


Speed & Stability

 The app's speed and the time it takes to load are satisfactory. We also experienced a few force close situations with Ivideon Surveillance.

Price/Performance Ratio

Ivideon Surveillance is free and available from Google Play.



Ivideon Surveillance – I've got my eyes on you... Ivideon Surveillance – I've got my eyes on you... Ivideon Surveillance – I've got my eyes on you...

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