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Tips & Tricks: How To Enable PC Keyboard Layout In Jelly Bean 4.2


I have been using the new Android 4.2 keyboard (and camera) on my Galaxy Note 2 for 2 days now, and it is nothing short of awesome. I love the way that it looks, the improved responsiveness, and the fact that you can even "swype" with it. As with many Android releases, Google has a tendency to hide features, and this latest hidden treasure is a very nice feature for tablet owners. What feature am I referring to? PC Keyboard layout. Let’s have a quick look at it, and learn how to enable it!

The PC keyboard layout naturally has more keys than the standard Android keyboard layout, with both numbers and symbols being faster and easier to access (this came standard on the Note 2, and I’m glad to see it coming to stock Android). It doesn’t work too well for standard sized smartphones, as it’s simply too small for anything smaller than a 5 inch screen (great for the Note and Note 2). It works well on the Nexus 7 (and 10 inch tablets), as shown in the pics below (screenshots are from a German device, but you get the point):

( PC layout above and standard layout on the bottom):

The option to enable this PC layout can be found in Settings - Language & Input - Android Keyboard Settings - Advanced Settings - User input styles.

First, simply click on “Add style” (bottom right), select your language, and then select PC. Now that the layout is activated, you will need to follow the same steps under “System Language” (check on your language with “PC”). Then simply press the globe on your keyboard to change layouts and choose the PC layout you have just set up.

You're all set! Pretty nice right?

Picture credits: Michael Maier / AndroidPIT


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  • Anna, both can be found as an .apk file and seem to work well if you are running a new version of Android.

  • This is a good tip. I am debating on getting the Note2 and this makes it even a more interesting a choice.

    I installed the camera pack on my Galaxy S2 and it works great. I am running CM10 and am enjoying these cool new features.

  • I don't really care about the keyboard but I'm gonna try to find the Camera apk. I heard it only works for the Galaxy Nexus though? Whatever, I'm not gonna find out if I don't try.

  • There's a way to do it without root! You can just install the apk like normal (keyboard...camera I'm not sure).

  • Oh, so my phone has to be rooted? -.- Oh well, I'll just have to wait for a while... Does it have the new photo sphere feature and all?? :)

  • @Chris - No problem bro!

    @Anna - Its floating around the net. You can get it on XDA. I just downloaded a patched version (I believe from android police) of the camera that works on all devices that I flashed in recovery, and the keyboard I found on Xda (also available as a flashable zip).

  • How did you get the Android 4.2 camera for your Note II??

  • Sweet! Saving this to Pocket for later :)

    Thanks, Eric!