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Jellyflop! – Jumping Jellyfish!

I was perusing the App Center and Play Store on the lookout for a game to review for you all when Jellyflop! caught my eye thanks to it's cute title.

If you're like me and have a thing for cute, tongue-in-cheek type app titles read on to find out what the app is all about.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.14 1.1.4

Features & Use

Jellyflop! is all about helping a jellyfish named Jelly reach his destination. And where else would a jellyfish want to be than high up in the sky? The problem is that jellyfish can't actually fly, which means it's up to you to catapult him into the firmament. The first few levels will explain how it's done, step-by-step.

At first you will find Jelly waiting for lift-off on a sort of platform. A shark is circling the waters below, so tread carefully! Draw lines that will sling Jelly in a given direction. As he is flying try and collect as many water drops as you can. You can't draw lines ad infinitum so mind that you don't waste them.
Jelly flies through the air as soon as you hit “Playbutton” (bottom right corner); if he doesn't reach a platform he may very well plummet into the water where he'll have a nasty encounter with the shark. Should this happen you can opt to start the level over again.

Every successfully completed level is saved automatically.

Bottom line:

I was pretty happy with this game which deserves a three star “good” rating in my book.


Screen & Controls

Check out the main landing screen to adjust sound and vibrate options.

A level overview can be accessed by pressing the play button.

Keep an eye on how many water drops you've managed to collect and whether you've caught the feather or not. Water drops can be used to get hats for Jelly (because jellyfish need accessories, too!).

Ads are displayed between the levels, meaning that the don't interfere when you're in the middle of a game.

The Jellyflop! design is cute and controls are nice and easy.


Speed & Stability

Jellyflop! loads quickly and its overall performance is good.


Price/Performance Ratio

Download Jellyflop! for free from Google Play. The ad banners are placed in such a way that they don't interfere whatsoever with the game itself.



Jellyflop! – Jumping Jellyfish! Jellyflop! – Jumping Jellyfish! Jellyflop! – Jumping Jellyfish! Jellyflop! – Jumping Jellyfish! Jellyflop! – Jumping Jellyfish!

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