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K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is an open source POP/IMAP exchange mail client for Android. It’s basically taking a step further than standard Android mail clients, made for users for whom keeping on top of private or professional emails is essential when they’re on the go.

With K-9 it is possible to attach signatures to emails, as well as save attachments to your device’s SD card. K-9 to the rescue! Find out just how well K-9 performs in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
3.605 5.403

Features & Use

K-9 Mail allows you to configure multiple email accounts, as well as set up individual intervals of how often they should be checked. If you’ve used other mail clients you’ll be familiar with functions such as having the option to decide what happens to your emails, for instance that you can choose to have them stored on the server. You can decide how many mails are displayed per mail file.

Here’s an overview of K-9’s functions:

• Email signatures are supported
• Good IMAP support
• Attachments can be saved to the SD card
• Send bcc copies to yourself
• Select the return email address
• Keyboard shortcuts

Screen & Controls

In K-9 Mail’s overview of all the accounts in which you can see all the unread emails (waiting to be read, so get to it you lazy good-for nothings ;). Once you’ve selected an account different files such as ‘Inbox’, ‘Send’, ‘Drafts’ and ‘Trash’ are displayed.

Controls are intuitive and easy to use.

Speed & Stability

There were a few mishaps during our test run of K-9 Mail. The app crashed several times while I was still in the preliminary stage of setting up accounts. However, after this rather unpleasant first encounter there were no other issues that arose. Setting up further accounts wasn’t a problem and sending and receiving mail worked very well. Opening messages can take a bit of time; the amount of time it takes for a message to load is contingent on the email’s size.

Price/Performance Ratio

K-9 Mail can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. Using the app and all the related downloads are free, but additional costs may arise depending on what kind of flatrate you have, so please do bear in mind that the app requires internet connection.


K-9 Mail K-9 Mail K-9 Mail K-9 Mail

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  •   17
    Deactivated Account Nov 22, 2011 Link to comment

    Hey Benjamin,

    Thanks for your comment. Our three star rating is equivalent to 'good', so K-9 did get a good overall rating.

    Sometimes our reviews could use updates, seeing as applications are updated regularly, but doing a thorough review of any application takes a while, and there are so many apps out there that we want to review for you that we don't always have time to revisit the ones we've already reviewed.

    Thanks for your comment, and I am sure other community members will find your personal rating for K-9 just as useful (if not more so) as ours.

  • I just wonder about this review! Almost the same review (with the same formatting and almost same bug reports) exists in German since ages. Even the ratings are the same. While the German review is about an very early version (≤ 0.114) this review pretends to use version 3.605.

    So it just looks like you copied this review? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Hence, I would like to issue a warning about keeping this review too serious (at least for an recent version of K-9 Mail). My experience is that the app runs very stable and smooth as the other users stated above. So I would give it 4 or 5 stars!

  •   17
    Deactivated Account May 7, 2011 Link to comment

    Niels and Spudp800, thank you both for your thoughtful comments, and Spud, happy to hear that you're finding our reviews useful!

  • As the previous comment ive been using this since coming to android about a year ago. I personally have found this to be one of the more stable apps and while i wouldn't think its a 5 star I think the 3 star rating is a bit harsh given my experience of it.
    Keep up the great reviews, ive found quite a few good apps through your reviews ... cheers.

  • I've used K-9 for about a year now (almost since becoming an Android user).
    While it doesn't seem to break any speed records, what would you expect with a unified inbox and hundreds of e-mails?
    I find the "speed and stability" and "overall" notes undercutting K-9 true potential.
    MailDroid for instance is very fast to update and index your inboxes, but takes a fair while to actually fetch individual messages.
    On aggregate, various solutions out there are in the same ballpark.
    The only possible exception would be ProfiMail by Lonely Cat Games.
    (A mailer I've used for years on Symbian/UIQ)

    Other than that, keep up the good work at the Pit. :)

    Kind regards.

  •   17
    Deactivated Account May 6, 2011 Link to comment

    brian, thanks for the feedback. It's always good to know how other users have experienced apps, gives us a broader perspective.

  • Maybe it was just a fluke. Been using K-9 for a few months now and haven't had it force close or any speed issues. But overall I am satisfied with it. I was force closing constantly with stock client when trying to add my secure army email. Was using rooted gb for DROID X at the time.

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