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Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats

Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats

Getting your billing statement from your provider at the month is always stressful. What sometimes looks like your account number can actually turn out to be your monthly bill! Gone over the data plan limit? Used up too many weekends? Sent 57,382 text messages? How the hell did things get so bad?!!!

DroidStats helps prevent any unexpected charges by warning you ahead of time. While there's no such thing as free unlimited call, you can monitor your usage. Find out how this app can save you a lot of nerves and money in today’s test report.


Reviewed version Latest version
3.0.1 3.5.3

Features & Use

DroidStats includes all your calls, text messages and data traffic. Sparing you any hassle, the app shows you:

  • How many minutes/text message you have left
  • Which phone numbers are free for you to dial (i.e. hotlines, 1800 numbers, people on the same network or plan)
  • What your data plan limit is
  • How many every additional minute, text message and MB costs
  • When the app should warn you about being close to reaching your limit

DroidStats collects all the information on its own. Using the widget or the app you can keep tabs on your phone bill.

Bottom Line: DroidStats isn’t as powerful as Call Meter 3G, but it’s definitely much faster and easier to use. It’s a great option for Android beginners because it includes all of the most important information all in one app. For anyone that needs more detailed information can try CM3 as an alternative.

Screen & Controls

The configuration is really easy to set up. From the very start, DroidStats guides you through the process with a couple of tips. You start off with an empty screen, which means that you have to configure your settings before you can see your customized screen.

It only takes a couple of minutes: enter in your usage limits (if you have a plan with a limited number of minutes/text messages/data use), the cost of a minute/text/MB (outside of your limit), the billing increments (calls rounded up to the next minute or billed for every second?) days or numbers with unlimited calling – and you’re done!

Now you can see your phone usage live on the main screen. And it looks bright and colorful! Unlike other apps of this kind, DroidStats starts you off with a filled up bar that decreases with use. Everything green? Great, you still have enough minutes/texts/data left. Turned to yellow? That’s warning signal for you to watch your phone usage. Empty red bar? Party’s over – you’ve reached your limit! All that there is left for you to do is look at the bottom of the screen to see how much time you have till your next billing cycle.

Need more details? No problem. Just slide over from the Overview screen to the Calls, SMS and Data screens. Here you can check out your monthly or total statistics. Switching between the different screens uses cool animation, which you can turn off if you feel likes it’s using up too much power or slowing down your phone. Clicking an individual statistic shows your Top 3 in terms of calls and text messages. A cool additional feature: you can call or text a top 3 contact directly from the app by pressing on person’s pictures.

In the Data tab, you get details about your used data volume divided into mobile and Wi-Fi.

The entire app is filled with help and tips. Just click the little circled in triangle and select the “i” button to get an explanation for a specific statistic.

DroidStats also includes a couple of widgets: you can choose between 1x1, 1x2 and 1x3 sized widgets depending on the amount of information you want them to included. The widget is just a smaller version of your color-coded usage bars for your homescreen. In the upcoming versions, DroidStats are planning on improving their widgets to make them easier to configure, including transparency settings. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get the premium version of DroidStats to enjoy it…

Speed & Stability

DroidStats runs smoothly and reliably – no crashes, lags or glitches!

Price/Performance Ratio

DroidStats can be downloaded for free from the Market. This app deserves an additional fifth star for its great support.


Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats Keep Your Costs in Check With DroidStats

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